Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Aaahhh, we're home. It's good to be home!
A loooooooong days drive yesterday, and it looked just like this:

Miles and miles and miles of that. It was hot, there was lots of road construction, many "pit" stops (if you know what I mean!), but DavOd got us home safe and sound.

Today in Spudville: Laundry, groceries, Dr. appt, and clean the car. DavOd says there is "dust everywhere around here" so we need to clean house. Bren--have you two been talking secretly?? So help me, if he whips out a pair of white gloves....................!

AND---please note the nice new design on my blog header--Thanks John, what a nice surprise that was! I would have never figured it out. So nice to have a blog genius in the "family".

Off to do chores--ugh!


  1. See you added something on your own though. Are you two twitter-patted? Pizza sounds yummy even with the tomato crust.
    He figured it out and I wanted it to be up when you opened blog this morning.
    Glad your are home safely and looking forward to the Spudville reviews.

  2. When I saw your picture of the road, I thought of this song....On the Road Again...why was the artist Di?

  3. Bren--You CAN'T GET ME! Willie Nelson! (and I didn't google it) Our Favorite Son used to sing that song when he was about 5 -- when we would start down the road on a camping trip!