Monday, July 27, 2009

Monterey Bay

Today we explored some of the Monterey Bay area, Cannery Row (very "touristy"), drove down towards Carmel just a little ways, and then decided to head up north.
We just happened upon a Street Fair/Antique Show in the cute little town of Moss Landing. We got there late, but managed to get in almost 2 hours of browsing. Was a great street fair, with LOTS of cool antiques--we will for sure come back again next year! (Or so Di says--DavOd has not agreed, yet!)

David and I had a great dinner at Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing. Phil's is a funky old restaurant that is right on the docks, and is really a "lean-to" with garage doors tacked on to the fish market! We saw it on Food Network a few months ago, so decided it was probably worth a visit--and we were not disappointed. This place is very popular with the locals- there was a huge line out the door the whole time we were there. Definitely worth the wait! We started with fire roasted artichokes, and then both had cioppino. It was a wonderful meal! They don't have food like this back in Spudville!

You'll note that I did not mention garlic in our dinner menu (or lunch, for that matter), we are still on garlic overload from yesterday!

Tomorrow we plan to head south a little bit and explore the Carmel area.
Hope you have all had a great, relaxing weekend. (Except for you Deb--I know you had to work )


  1. Oh what fun, I am envious. Touring Juneau streets was an experience but I am sure the antique show was WAY BETTTER.

  2. Your blog is exciting Di. What is a cioppino?
    I have no clue...must I google everything you write? Can't wait till I hear about Carmel area. Your blog rocks! Brenda

  3. Bren: Cioppino is fish stew--really good stuff! The broth is usually tomato based, and the seafood is all still in the shells--clams, mussells, crab, etc. Messy to eat, but worth it!