Saturday, July 25, 2009

Road Trip!

We left home early Thursday morning, and had a nice drive thru Nevada. Boy, is that drive flat, boring and HOT!

First stop here:

For one of these:

Played some poker to earn the rest of our trip funds and pad our favorite son's inheritance, then on to a wild night of dancing, drinking and partying!! We fell into bed (with our big poker winnings) about 3:00am.

You don't believe a word of it, you say? You're right. The sad truth is we were in bed by 8:30pm. We did flush a little change down the slot machines, though, and went for a very yummy sushi dinner.

Today we drove from Reno to:

That's Gilroy, California. We are here for their annual Gilroy Garlic Festival! A few years ago we saw a show on the Food Network about the festival and cook-off, and it really looked like fun. So here we are!

When we drove down out of the hills into this valley, we could actually smell the garlic! There are LOTS of garlic fields here! Just for a comparison, here is a picture of our garlic field, back in Spudville:

I don't think we'll be having our own Spudville Garlic Festival anytime soon.

We are both looking forward to tomorrow--pickled garlic, roasted garlic, garlic fries, but best of all Garlic Ice Cream!!! I'll let you know how it is!


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  1. I guess your tattoo is the QUEEN of spades, right? Any luck wih the old school house?
    Maybe ya better plants some "spuds" amongst that garlic next year.
    Enjoy the festival.