Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Sad Day in Spudville :(

I had to surrender my Alaska Drive N Slicer today.
I just hated to part with it:

*It was the only Drive N Slicer I've ever had.
*It was a great picture, and I was much younger in that great picture!
*There was an mysterious, low number in the "weight" box :) I liked that number better.

I didn't even mind taking the test-- and yes, I passed! But the new picture isn't nearly as good as the old one. I think they used their "wrinkly" lens. Oh well.
At least I have a great ROAD TRIP to look forward to. With a valid Drive N Slicer.

Oh--were you wondering what in the world a Drive N Slicer is. Or did you think I was seriously spelling impaired (or just plain impaired)? Well, Drive N Slicer is what our favorite son once called a Driver's License when he was 4 years old, and it just stuck. He was such a cutie! OK--he is still a cutie, but he probably doesn't say Drive N Slicer anymore. Do you, dear?

Well, I'm off to pack for our ROAD TRIP, yippee!

Hint #2: We are headed West, and there is a festival involved! Bren--any guesses??


  1. Well can you believe that? Just wrote a comment and it went somewhere other than your blog! Drive N Slicer....are you ever boring Di? I love your blog. I am now getting my dose of Di...I was missing that. I read your blog with a huge smile on my face....So, this is my guess---Washington State Festival or Oregon Festival? What do you think Deb? Where is our amigo going with DavOd? Sorry you had to give up your alaskan drive n slicer. But you'll always be my first Alaskan friend. Then you introduced me to Deb, then Donna. Did I ever thank you Di? Love ya, Brenda

  2. Guess you would of HAD to "surrender" IT
    to the cop if he pulled ya over, huh?
    Matt will be rolling his eyes and hoping you find lots of cloves to take pictures of this week. Is this any help Brenda? Think you need another guess.

  3. Utah? Your killing me. I need another good I know of this place your going?
    I'm from Berwick, I don't know much!

  4. Nope not how about another clue.....there will be NO vampires near Davod and Di this trip....

  5. The only place west of Di is Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada? Where is Translvania? (spelling wrong) Sorry girls,
    I have no clue. I am a black and white gal and clues take me to dead ends! Love Ya, B

  6. Clues still coming your way Brenda:
    Roasted is Arnold's choice.

  7. Drive -n- Slicer... munchbuckle... Elvis Parsley... let's just get them all out of the way now, why don't we?

  8. I solved the mystery....check out my blog!
    Munchbuckle and Elvis Parsley and we thought
    drive n slicer was funny....any more to tell us Matt? Brenda

  9. And what is the windshield wiper one??????????????

  10. Now sweetie, I was NOT going to mention the Elvis incident! Unless, of course, I just happen to blog about my herb garden, or post a really good recipe using parsley.

  11. Matt, I feel I should apologize to you for getting your mom involved with blogging. Your cute sayings are all over the world now. Next it will be your baby pictures.
    Aren't you surprised at how good her memory is? Next will be how good her storytelling can be.
    Prepare yourself... love deb