Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Girls!

What a great weekend --106 on Friday and 103 on Saturday. I love it!
Saturday we had a very nice double birthday dinner at the G's. Since Pat and I were the birthday "girls", Kelley and Dave did the cooking. Actually--I think Kelley grilled and David "stupidvised"! It was a delicious meal--thanks Pat and Kelley. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!! I love sharing my birthday with you

Sure wish I had a picture to post, but I forgot to take my camera. I'm not quite used to this blogging stuff yet!
But --WAIT!!!! Will this picture do??
It was a party. We had fun. (obviously) I'm pretty sure we even grilled something.

So just pretend it's our birthday picture, OK? Pat and I always wear sombreros on our birthdays, don't we Pat??

Next week: A ROAD TRIP!!!

HINT: Garlic ice cream, anyone??


  1. Your blog is beautiful, reflects the real you Di. Love the picture of you and the gang. Di, you could live like this....oh, YOU are living like ya, Brenda

  2. Take your camera on the road trip!

  3. Yeah, this is much better with your written addition! Be sure to take the camera and the do-hicky thing that you need to download from camera to computer...we will be waiting impatiently for any road trip pics.