Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coming of Age in Spudville

The Tech Age, that is!

And it's all my friend Deb's fault. She was bugging me to blog:

"You should do a blog Di, it's really easy."
"It's not hard to set up, I'll help you."
"Brenda has a blog."

So I gave in to peer pressure and started blogging. As usual, Deb was right--

It's really fun!
It's a great way to feel more connected to far away family and friends.
If you can talk, you can blog!

But one thing leads to another, and another, and another.

I was enjoying posting on my blog, sharing our simple life here in Spudville......

AND THEN--I decided I should learn to tweet. You know--Twitter? I could add tweets as a "running" side bar to my blog! So off I go to, signed right up and learned to tweet. I even got Bren and Deb tweeting, we're just tweeting like crazy!

Just a bloggin' and a tweetin' away here .....

AND THEN--I thought "I really should know how to text." Just in case I felt the need to Twitter from my phone when I wasn't right in front of my computer. (I know, I know--nobody really needs to Twitter.) So I got out my trusty flip phone and tried texting. Well, just forget that. Way more trouble than it's worth! I'm too old to text like a teenager--I need a querty keyboard.

So a trip to the Verizon Store was in order. After much good advice from Greg, a very patient and wonderful CS Rep, I now have a shiny new semi-smart phone ($), a new texting plan ($) a car charger ($), screen protectors ($), and, just to make DavOd happy--a bluetooth ($).

The last few days I've been busy learning to use my new phone. My brain hurts. It's too much like work. You know--that stuff I used to do.

Soooo---just blogging, tweeting and texting here in Spudville---

AND THEN--I discovered TwitPics. Oh Boy! You mean I can add pics to my tweets? Now this is fun stuff! So I surfed on over to and signed up--it's FREE! Right about now, free is very good.
Hmmmmm---how to do this TwitPic stuff, anyway? Well, crud and crapola! Now I find out that I need to email from my semi-smart phone to TwitPic. No problem--they have a plan for that, too. ($) So back I go to Verizon (3rd trip) to see my new BFF Greg. After a little discussion, he gets me fixed right up. ($) Oh, they're lovin' me at Verizon!

So stay tuned for TwitPics! But don't hold your breath--I have to figure out how to use the camera on my semi-smart phone first. Surely, I won't need a "plan" for that.


  1. "If it worth doing it is worth overdoing"

  2. Right on Deb...I was going to post that! The Di I know and love is still there...but in Idaho....I text all the time Di..have a plan on my the envy 3 verizon phone...I have a text plan...because I do it all the time to my daughter in costs me 10 more dollars a phone has a keyboard!
    But I do not have internet on my phone...or I would be twittering from my phone...I'm on a budget and really can't add one more expense to my life....or I would! I loved your blog entry today...laughing out loud LOL the whole time I am reading it. We are really cool chicks ya know ya ...brenda
    and guess what? Natalie's road she LIVES on is called ding dang...that was driving me nuts...I wrote her and said Natalie..what is the ding dang stuff...can I say I live on the bing bang? I bet she thinks Debs friend is a nut.

  3. Di, what is your cell phone....I will text you
    send it to me in an email...

  4. Di - you are amazing! WOW...hopefully by next July there will be Verizon service in more than 2 spots on the Ding Dang!!! PS - don't give up blogging; I am just starting!