Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doin' The Salsa in Gleed!

Wow! We have been busy the past two days! So busy I haven't had time to Tweet, Text, TwitPic or update this blog! And I've kinda missed it.

We started on our salsa EARLY Friday morning. Of course it's early, we're with my Dad! In our family we call this the "Jake Tuttle" start. At 6:00am, I call it the butt crack of dawn start! Yawn!
Anyway----we went down to my Mom's cousin's (Glen and Joann) Friday morning (did I mention it was early??). Got everything all organized, and got BUSY!

First we washed all those beautiful veggies we picked on Thursday. No dirty veggies in our salsa--no siree! (Are ya happy, Bren?)

We each have our assigned tasks:
*Dad is the Stove Master-he minds the stove, the timers and the boiling pots. His other very important job is to give me a hard time, and he is really good at it!

*Mom and Glen blanch and peel the tomatoes

*Mom chops all those peeled tomatoes, just look at those experienced hands chopping away:

*David and Glen chop peppers and onions. David's specialty is jalapenos. They're hot and they burn. I don' t do jalapenos. I are no dummy! I learnt that lesson last year. Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Here is my hero, the hot pepper guy:
After we have chopped and chopped and chopped enough for a batch:Isn't it pretty? Then we mix it all together and cook it for 10 minutes. Now it's time to fill the jars. That's my job! I'll bet you were wondering if I did anything at all, huh? (actually, I do a lot of chopping, too) Here we are filling the jars with hot salsa:
Then they process for 20 minutes, and Dad does a great job minding the canners That's serious stuff:
While all this is happening, we're still choppin', slicin' and dicin' away, lots more batches to go! When the timer goes off, Dad removes the jars from the canner and carefully sets them on a towel to cool overnight: All that for ONE batch. NOW--repeat the above process 13 more times over 2 days, and you have 98 (yup--NINETY EIGHT) jars of salsa! But most importantly, you have lots of fun with your family, and have sweet memories to last a lifetime. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you.
Tomorrow--believe it or not, we are going to pick MORE tomatoes! Monday we are going to can just regular tomatoes, much easier--not as much chopping!! Yes, we are crazy!


  1. Glad you had time to post something- I knew you were busy but still checked it several times just to be sure. Looks like quite the set it in their garage? Does that last much a year or do you all run out of salsa?
    Very precise chopping-Ortega would hire you all in a minuute!

  2. Wow, could not wait to get to the computer this morning to see the pictures. Its not your Dad's I know but love the idea. That's where Brenda would want to do the task too. You look a little sweaty Di? Hot work! Great memories and enjoy it all. I wish I could be with my parents right now. You are so fortunate, especially since they love to do interesting things, like salsa making. I have talked about what you are doing to everyone I see the last few days. My Amigas are wonderful, very interesting loving
    friends...thanks Di for sharing all of this with would only be perfect if Deb and I were there helping....

  3. Waiting for update on the BBQ-I couldn't see the kids pictures so hope you can redo them for me.