Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friends and Family in Gleed

Where in the world is Gleed? It's a little, tiny place about 7 miles west of Yakima. One of those "don't blink or you'll miss it" places. I can't even call it "another charming small town", because there is really no town--just kind of a wide spot in the road. But it's a charming wide spot, and holds many special memories for me.

I was born in Yakima, and came home from the hospital to my grandparents house in Gleed, the only house they ever lived in my whole life.
My mom and I stayed here for six weeks, then joined my Dad in Alaska.

Many special people in my life live in Gleed. My sweet sister's kids, Kyle, Krista and Kasey live there. It sure was good to see them, and I wish they lived closer. Here they are:
They will always be known to their Auntie Di as: (L to R) The Best Boy in the Whole Universe or Solar System (discovered or yet to be discovered), Sweet Pea, and Budski! Uncle Dave and I sure love those kids.

One of my very favorite aunts lives in a nice assisted living facility right near Gleed. Auntie Babe and my Uncle Bill (my Dad's brother) lived on a farm in Grandview, in the lower valley east of Yakima. I have many happy childhood memories of fun times spent on their farm with my cousins Ron and Jerry. Here is my sweet Auntie Babe:
Then there's Glen and Joann, my Mom's cousins. They are just wonderful--Glen is so sweet, and Joann is alot of fun, it's always good to see them. We do our canning down at their house, with lots of help from Glen. Joann usually feeds us her famous "Better Than Sex Cupcakes"! Oh, that Joann is a hoot!

And of course we can't forget good friends Kootch and Mert. There real names are Irving and Rosella, but I didn't know that until I was about 55 years old! They have always just been Kootch and Mert. I've known them all my life, they even lived around the corner from us when I was in high school in Anchorage. They were gracious and invited us to stay with them for the week we spent in Gleed. My Mom and Dad park their Rv on their land for the summer. Here's Mert, who is one wonderful lady: (no pic of Kootch, for some mysterious reason)
And look, here's Ernie and Shirley! My mom and dad knew them both when they were all teenagers. (Just a few years ago) I've heard a few stories over the years about some interesting and fun times around Gleed involving Ernie, my Dad and Kootch. Why, I think they were kind of hooligans! But in a nice way, of course. Always a lot of laughs when Ernie and Shirley are around!

One afternoon, Mom and I went for a drive, up some winding country roads, through the orchards around Gleed. Of course, Mom knew just about every other farm, and who lives or used to live there. Here are a few pictures from our little tour of Gleed.
From up on Selah heights, looking down on Gleed. Isn't it pretty?

Here is my Mom, picking apricots, and taking the whole branch, too! Actually, they were pruning the branches so a big truck could get through, so we just took the whole branch home! Just look at those apricots--they were beautiful. I made 2 apricot pies, and Mom made and canned apricot nectar. One cannot buy apricots like this in a store!
This is an apple orchard, and they have espaliered the apple trees. With this method of growing, the trees are trained to grow in one dimension--kind of flat. That way, they get more sun and take up less room. Mom and I saw dwarf fruit trees in Monet's garden in Giverny trained to grow like this! Interesting, old growing technique.

I do love this place. It's so lush with orchards and farms, fruit and vegetables of all kinds. I could almost live here. We could have a really big garden, and some fruit trees. Think of all the canning I could do! I know-- we could have our own farm stand! I can see it now--Dave and Di's Fruit and Veggies! Maybe we could even have a cow, and I could name her Bessie or Blossom?? I'd have to milk her though, I don't think DavOd is a country boy!

Oh, just excuse me while I channel my inner farm girl! I think I was born to live in the country, dig in the dirt and clean my hands with a half ripe tomato. I just love this stuff!

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  1. Not sure which picture to comment on first.
    Guess of the "Kids" as they look so happy together and I can still see the baby faces I remember in Kyle and Krista even though they are grown up. And then the apricots....I have never seen a real live apricot tree and had no idea that many grow on one tree or branch. WOW!
    Thirdly, it is nice for me to put faces to the names I've heard about...not sure I ever knew Kootch was male and Mert female!!!!!!!!!!!!Think maybe the blog was on overload with this posting? Thanks for doing no I am gonna go back and read it again.