Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fruits (and Vegetables!) of Our Labor

We just finished cleaning and organizing our pantry cabinets in our laundry room, and putting away our new canned goodies. I just can't resist sharing a couple of photos!

The top and middle shelves are salsa. The bottom shelf on the left is jalapeno pepper jelly and wild blackberry jam, and on the right is Grandma's Green Tomato Relish (don't know why it looks red-it's really green). Oh, and the pink tags are on jars left from last canning season--we need to eat those first. Must be organized, you know!

In the above cabinet, top shelf (L to R) canned tomatoes, pickled green beans, sweet cherries (Thanks, Mom!) Middle: turkey, more tomatoes. Bottom: Million Dollar Pickles (another of my Grandma's recipes) more pickled green beans and more cherries, and finally turkey broth that I made and canned after we canned our turkey. Can't waste a good turkey carcass, you know!

Oh, I feel like such an earth mother and pioneer woman, all in one!


  1. What a good colorful picture of all your hard work. You will not go hungry this winter.
    Will there be green beans to bring back with me or will they be gone by mid-Sept?

  2. Better Home and Gardens could not have taken a better picture! Absolutely breathtaking....
    Really...so organized and I have to giggle about the pink notes on the jars...it had me laughing out loud...lol

  3. Went back to see/read again and wonder if the pink notes are TAPED on?

  4. Actually, they're little post it flag notes. No--DavOd didn't tape them on--but good spot!