Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm In Love With A Girl

Isn't she lovely? She just warms my heart!

My Mom has been "simplifying" her life, and cluttering up mine--in a wonderful way! Mom and Dad were here a couple of weeks ago for an all too brief visit (ahem--Dad, are you listening??) and Mom brought a couple of treasures. Winnie was one of them, and my favorite.

Winnie belonged to my Grandma, and always sat on her kitchen counter, right next to Auntie Mae's McCoy Bear cookie jar, which now lives at my brother's house. Grandma often had sour cream sugar cookies or, my favorite-- her really good fruit turnovers in both cookie jars. Oh, I miss my Grandma, she was the best grandma ever! But I'm taking good care of Winnie, she's not lonesome. Right now she's full of Snickerdoodles. Hmmm, I wonder what Doug has in Auntie Mae's cookie jar?


  1. Now we both have a Winnie....would of been really nice if Mom would of given me mine!!!! She is the finishing touch on that perfect countertop. I'll add some Beetle Cookies when I visit in September.

  2. I love Winnie too! So feminine with those long eyelashes. Your kitchen top looks beautiful. What are beetle cookies, are you girls TRYING to drive me nuts? ha ha

  3. PA GIRL and she doesn't know Beetle Cookies????
    My elementary school lunch was extra special if they served them....also known as chocolate oatmeal no-bakes! sound familiar now?

  4. Yea, the no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies that you whip up and plop on waxed paper and there done! I love those....but no one calls them beetle cookies, do they? My recipe simple calls bake cookies. I think Alaska people make things up because its too cold to go outside! Ha Ha