Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Road Again---

David and I are off on another road trip! We left this morning for a nice drive to Yakima, Washington.

Well, actually we are going to be in Gleed--but more about that later!

We'll be without an internet connection, but will have our cell phones. And thanks to my latest adventures in the tech world, I'll be able to send and receive email on my phone, text, Twitter and TwitPic! I'm going to try to go to a local Starbucks to update my blog---because we'll be havin' some fun that I'll want to share with you all!

But, more about that later!

I want to assure my dear friend Brenda that David and I did clean house (kinda, a little bit) before we left. She's been worried that I have been slacking in the "cleaning department" since we have been gone so much. I suppose that picture I emailed her with a message written in dust (on our dresser) didn't help much, huh Bren? I told you to sit down before you looked at the picture! Not to worry, it's gone now.........

And so are we! Yippee!

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  1. It is working now so I will leave a comment about the house cleaning not being done when you are doesn't get done at my place when I am home....good thing she isn't able to drop in and see the dustballs!
    Good to hear your voice today-wish I could of chatted a bit longer. Tell everyone hello.