Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I learned in Gleed....

From my Dad

1. My Dad can out pick me (and just about anyone else) anytime. No matter what we're picking!

2. Did you know tomatoes can get a sunburn--and their sunburn is yellow? Yup! You don't want to pick those tomatoes, as they get a hard yellow layer under their skin that ruins them for canning or eating.

3. Peppers also get sunburned, they turn black on their "sunny side". Doesn't seem to hurt them, though. They're just not quite as pretty.

4. This is just about the most important thing in the u-pick field!

5. But the very COOLEST thing I learned was how to clean your hands after a day of pickin'. Remember these Workin' Girl Hands?

Well, as we finished picking, I brought out a package of moist wipes so we could all clean our hands (I was feeling very well prepared, and a little smug!) My Dad said "Now Diana, that stuff is not going to get your hands clean!" Hah! Sure it will Dad! I scrub and I scrub, and they're still very grubby. They're still brown!
Meanwhile, over a couple of rows of tomatoes--here is my Dad: He's squishing a semi-ripe tomato all around his hands! And it works--it REALLY works! In just a few turns and squishes, and a little rinse from a water bottle, Dad's hands are clean as can be. Dave and I give up, and join the fun:In no time at all, our hands are perfectly clean.

So, you see, one can learn something really useful every day! Especially from your Dad.
And a note to Deb: Yes, I know what you're thinking--"Finally, a good use for all those yucky tomatoes!"


  1. Actually I was thinking: "yuk all that slimey insides touching your hands almost as bad as it touching my mouth"...but you are right that is a good use for yucky tomatoes!
    Your Dad is a smart man, huh?

  2. OH Di, I needed a laugh this morning, feeling lonely today and sad about my boring, mateless life. But the picture of the john and the tomato lesson...I'm good for the day and happy and proud to have a friend like you. Your a gem! Love you dad and mom too...Happy Anniversary on Saturday!