Friday, August 14, 2009

We're Pickin' and Grinin'

We got up early (of course-we're with my Dad!) and drove down to the "lower valley" to Imperial's Farms, a big u-pick farm. They have several big fields of tomatoes, jalapenos, many colors of bell peppers, and a great assortment of other peppers.
Look how pretty it is:

Here's our pickin' crew: David ,my Mom's cousin Glen, me and my Dad:
We got our buckets ready, and off we went. We picked and we picked! Here we are, just a pickin away:
And here's David:

We picked about 75 pounds of tomatoes and 30 pounds of assorted peppers. That's alot of picking!

Now, if you ask my Dad, he'd tell you he picked most of this himself, and he'd probably be right! What do you think? Here's our bucket after just a little while picking:And here is Dad's bucket:
You'd certainly never guess he's 82 1/2, would you? We certainly can't keep up with him. It was a wonderful day picking, and I have the stickers, grass stains and workin' girls' hands to prove it: Tomorrow: We'll be doin' the salsa in Gleed! We'll be up and chopping, slicing, and dicing early--so stay tuned!!


  1. I never saw your Dad before Di...he is quite the picker and put you Idaho people to shame!
    Bet your tired tonight, that was a lot of produce picked. Roma tomatoes, they looked delicious. Your comments are entertaining and I have never seen your hands so get an early start tomorrow...get this project started and over...remember you only have two more clean bras in your suitcase!

  2. Are you serious? Your Dad had that many picked to your few? He might better leave you behind to cut up the jalapenos!!!!! I KNOW you'll have an early start-probably have most of the salsa done before I get up even! We go to Juneau tommorrow night so I will be home during the day. Happy chopping and canning!

  3. We be a chopping and a grining in Gleed today!
    I am thinking of you often....will Deb get to try some in September? And who doesn't like
    tomatoes? You Di? I don't remember that. That is what I ate last night for supper. Crusty bread, tomatoes that were room temperature and some mayonnaise! Yum Yum

  4. Brenda how can you forget that it is me....
    (Debbie) the no tomato eater....but I love, love, love salsa, ketsup and all the other products?

    You all must be BUSY in Gleed this close to the homestead are you?
    Are any of the kids there or are they in WA?