Thursday, September 10, 2009

Road Trip to Salt Lake City

Maybe I should more accurately call this a "Girly Road Trip"! Deb, Pat and I left Spudville early Tuesday morning and headed south. Wasn't long before we needed a "pit stop", so we pulled off the freeway into Glenns Ferry, and on our way out saw this sign! Gave us a giggle--we decided we could all work in Equine Dentistry when we get really old and our eyesight fails! In my case, that was yesterday.

Down the highway just a few more miles (N0--not another pit stop!) we saw this sign, and decided to try and find Tuttle, Idaho. We looked and looked. After much driving around in circles, we gave up. There is nothing to find in Tuttle! But here is the sign:
Our first night in SLC we ate dinner at a "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurant called the Red Iguana. The food was incredibly good, especially the Mole. The line was out the door--and it was a Tuesday night. But it was well worth waiting for. This tiny place has been voted SLC's best Mexican food for several years running. Mmmmmm good!
Wednesday was a LARGE day! We started with coffee for me (finally!! at 10:00 am) at this pretty little coffee shop. Had a delightful conversation with the owner--he's from Alaska! Small world!
Then Dear Pat, after a stiff hot chocolate, got a little rowdy (you know how she is) and got herself handcuffed by the local law enforcement. Here's the picture to prove it: That Pat--ya just can't take her anywhere!
After a few hours shopping in the Sugarhouse District, we decided to drive up to Park City. This is the view from along the highway, isn't it pretty?
Before we got to Park City we saw a sign for a Farmer's Market, and decided to stop and explore. We ate some yummy fresh cheese curds and local strawberries for a snack, and walked around and checked out all the great local produce and interesting crafts.
There was a nearby chair lift, so we took a ride up the ski mountain (one of many in Park City). The views were incredible! This is looking up the mountain:

Here is Deb--she was not too sure about this--especially when there was a bump--she let out a little screech every time!

This is at the middle lodge looking down:

Middle lodge area and some shops:

We finally made it up to Park City about 4:00pm. What a pretty little town. We strolled up and down Old Main Street. This is looking down Main Street:

There were some really pretty old buildings. This was one of my favorites:

This is the old Park City City Hall, 1893!

Every lamp post had beautiful hanging baskets:

We finished our stroll around Park City with a nice dinner at The Bandits--a really good BBQ restaurant. Then we headed back down out of the mountains towards SLC and stopped at a nice outlet mall for a little retail therapy. I think Pat was the winner, as she spent the most. Oh, wait--maybe that means she was the loser??? I don't know!!
It was a wonderful, busy and fun day! Tomorrow--IKEA!! And--ANTIQUES!! And--more tired feet!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A WONDERFUL voice from my past!

Oh my! I just got the most wonderful phone call!

My cell phone rang, I answered it, and the (very distinctive) voice on the other end said "Miss Diana"? Of course, I knew instantly that it was my old friend, Miss Linda! (not that she's old in years, mind you--just that she's been my friend for lots of years!) Nobody else in my life calls me "Miss Diana", and nobody else has that great southern drawl!

I first met Miss Linda when we worked in the same dental clinic in Anchorage. One day at work I heard the loveliest voice say "I think I'm fixing to get ready to take a cold". That is just soooo southern, and reminded me of my Grandma--I think we bonded instantly at that moment!

David and I had many fun evenings with Linda and Donald in Anchorage. A dinner party at the Parker's was not just a dinner party, it was an EVENT!! And Linda loves to shop--a woman after my own heart! Oh, the memories! Why, I even remember a time that Linda picketed our house, complete with big signs (for some imagined slight!) Now that's a fun friend ;)

Anyway--Linda called with good news! She and Donald have retired and moved to the Pacific Northwest-so we'll get to visit them more often. I see some great road trips coming up! We're always up for a visit with good friends. Hmmmm--maybe I should show up with some picket signs of my own--just to welcome them to their new neighborhood!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our 40th Anniversary Weekend

Our 40th anniversary-- Wow! 40 years of love, laughter, with an occasional good, old fashioned argument thrown in for good measure! I'm lucky beyond what I could have ever imagined, and I wouldn't trade a single day with that wonderful man of mine!

We planned a nice trip to Portland with a special night out and then a long overdue visit with David's brother and his wife, Cheryl.

Our weekend started out a little rocky, with a some car trouble and a looong wait to get a new battery. So much for our relaxing afternoon exploring Portland and doing a little antique shopping! Oh well, we're flexible. (DO NOT ask David about my little temper tantrum at the car place!)

Friday night we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant we had read about on Rachel Ray's website. We like little "hole in the wall" ethnic restaurants, rather than big fancy, expensive ones, even for our 40th anniversary. We're weird like that! Anyway--we had some great black pepper calamari, and the rest of the meal was just so-so. But the company was perfect :)

Saturday we went to Portland's Saturday Market. Lots of unique handmade crafts, jewelry and art, all set up outside in an old part of Portland called "Old Town". The architecture in this area is beautiful:

Saturday Market is a quirky mix of the pretty:
The funny: And the just plain weird:

We didn't find much that we couldn't live without--but I did buy a cute little "pocketbook" that I couldn't resist because it had sock monkeys on it!

We left Portland and headed south down I-5 towards Eugene. David wanted to stop at a BIG outlet mall at Woodburn. I really didn't. (Believe it or not--I actually didn't feel like more shopping!!) But we stopped and shopped for an hour or so, and then continued on our merry way to Eugene.

We had a wonderful visit with Dan and Cheryl. It had been a whole YEAR since we had been there--not sure how that happened, but it won't be that long next time! We relaxed, talked, laughed, ate good food, drank good wine, and just had a great time. Oh--and Dan'l beat me at Wii! And so did Cheryl! Hmmmmm--maybe I'd better start practicing. But I did whup up on 'em in bowling!
Dan and Cheryl took us out for an anniversary dinner to a nice Thai restaurant on Sunday night. We had a delicious dinner, which included squid again. Thanks, you two!

I don't believe I didn't take a single picture in Eugene!! I guess we were too busy relaxing and enjoying ourselves, and I wasn't even thinking about blogging (which David would say is a good thing). Next visit to Dan and Cheryl's you can be sure I'll be snapping some pics and posting them!
It was another great road trip, fun visit with family, and a lovely weekend with my sweetie!