Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our 40th Anniversary Weekend

Our 40th anniversary-- Wow! 40 years of love, laughter, with an occasional good, old fashioned argument thrown in for good measure! I'm lucky beyond what I could have ever imagined, and I wouldn't trade a single day with that wonderful man of mine!

We planned a nice trip to Portland with a special night out and then a long overdue visit with David's brother and his wife, Cheryl.

Our weekend started out a little rocky, with a some car trouble and a looong wait to get a new battery. So much for our relaxing afternoon exploring Portland and doing a little antique shopping! Oh well, we're flexible. (DO NOT ask David about my little temper tantrum at the car place!)

Friday night we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant we had read about on Rachel Ray's website. We like little "hole in the wall" ethnic restaurants, rather than big fancy, expensive ones, even for our 40th anniversary. We're weird like that! Anyway--we had some great black pepper calamari, and the rest of the meal was just so-so. But the company was perfect :)

Saturday we went to Portland's Saturday Market. Lots of unique handmade crafts, jewelry and art, all set up outside in an old part of Portland called "Old Town". The architecture in this area is beautiful:

Saturday Market is a quirky mix of the pretty:
The funny: And the just plain weird:

We didn't find much that we couldn't live without--but I did buy a cute little "pocketbook" that I couldn't resist because it had sock monkeys on it!

We left Portland and headed south down I-5 towards Eugene. David wanted to stop at a BIG outlet mall at Woodburn. I really didn't. (Believe it or not--I actually didn't feel like more shopping!!) But we stopped and shopped for an hour or so, and then continued on our merry way to Eugene.

We had a wonderful visit with Dan and Cheryl. It had been a whole YEAR since we had been there--not sure how that happened, but it won't be that long next time! We relaxed, talked, laughed, ate good food, drank good wine, and just had a great time. Oh--and Dan'l beat me at Wii! And so did Cheryl! Hmmmmm--maybe I'd better start practicing. But I did whup up on 'em in bowling!
Dan and Cheryl took us out for an anniversary dinner to a nice Thai restaurant on Sunday night. We had a delicious dinner, which included squid again. Thanks, you two!

I don't believe I didn't take a single picture in Eugene!! I guess we were too busy relaxing and enjoying ourselves, and I wasn't even thinking about blogging (which David would say is a good thing). Next visit to Dan and Cheryl's you can be sure I'll be snapping some pics and posting them!
It was another great road trip, fun visit with family, and a lovely weekend with my sweetie!

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