Monday, September 7, 2009

A WONDERFUL voice from my past!

Oh my! I just got the most wonderful phone call!

My cell phone rang, I answered it, and the (very distinctive) voice on the other end said "Miss Diana"? Of course, I knew instantly that it was my old friend, Miss Linda! (not that she's old in years, mind you--just that she's been my friend for lots of years!) Nobody else in my life calls me "Miss Diana", and nobody else has that great southern drawl!

I first met Miss Linda when we worked in the same dental clinic in Anchorage. One day at work I heard the loveliest voice say "I think I'm fixing to get ready to take a cold". That is just soooo southern, and reminded me of my Grandma--I think we bonded instantly at that moment!

David and I had many fun evenings with Linda and Donald in Anchorage. A dinner party at the Parker's was not just a dinner party, it was an EVENT!! And Linda loves to shop--a woman after my own heart! Oh, the memories! Why, I even remember a time that Linda picketed our house, complete with big signs (for some imagined slight!) Now that's a fun friend ;)

Anyway--Linda called with good news! She and Donald have retired and moved to the Pacific Northwest-so we'll get to visit them more often. I see some great road trips coming up! We're always up for a visit with good friends. Hmmmm--maybe I should show up with some picket signs of my own--just to welcome them to their new neighborhood!

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  1. You folks better get together now you are both living in the lower 48. I know FUN TIMES are coming your way.