Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We're headed south--off to Vegas for a couple of days, then on to "Cow-Town" (Wickenburg, AZ) to my Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving.

We got a great deal on a hotel room in Vegas--$20.00 a night! Then---two days later we got a letter in the mail from The Orleans (where we usually stay) for FREE nights! And--they are giving us dining credit$$$, too! Those silly people probably think we are going to gamble away several hundred dollars to make up for our free room--WRONG!! Not Dave and Di--we're really Frugal Fred & Frieda in disguise!

We are taking our new camera, and will be taking lots of pictures. We plan on checking out the conservatory at the Belaggio, the Faux Eiffel Tower, and lots of other Vegas sights. So stay tuned for some pictures!


  1. came to your blog to see what you posted this morning and nothing...then I noticed my comment is not here...Think I must of done something wrong with sending it....Said something about the free room and food...and to be sure to take lots of pictures...How was the Bellaggio?

  2. think I figured out the reason I didn't show last post....there is a handicap picture next to the letter code box...and I must of failed that entry!!!!!!!!!