Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That Deb!

Happy Birthday, Dear Deb.

I'll say it again today--where have the years gone??

Oh, I am soooo gonna get killed for this picture--but it's my favorite picture of you! Just couldn't resist.

You are just the bestest friend-- loyal, kind and loving. Thanks for always being there, and loving me just the way I am, many "warts" and all! (Did you watch Mr. Rogers when you were a kid? Did they have that show in Tioga, PA??)

I'll be thinking of you today--all the special, fun and sometimes silly times we have shared, and the many birthdays we have celebrated together over the years. Here's to many, many more!

And--a big Happy Birthday from David, too. We hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL day!

Lots of love from both of us!


  1. ....OMG...I mean gees whatever made me think I

    wanted you to start blogging again? .....silly

    me!!!!And why wasn't that picture in the

    jelly jar box- David? <3

  2. I mean Gees look at that pumpkin on that dress! Priceless...