Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Happens in Vegas------

Well, what happens in Vegas is not always what one has planned! No, we didn't win a big jackpot. Not even close......

We went shopping at a great outlet mall, and then on the way back were in an accident. The good news is that we are both OK, but the bad news is that the truck (DavOd's great red pickup, low miles, perfect condition) is TOTALED! Crapola! Some (dumb) lady pulled out right in front of us from a side street, and David tried to stop, but she ran right into us! I don't think she even looked. Was an awful impact--our airbags deployed and it all scared the daylights out of us both!Anyway, after the police came, gave the other driver a ticket, etc., etc., our poor red truck was towed away, as it is completely undrivable. There we stood-- on the sidewalk, with all our luggage, packages, and gear from the truck piled up. We must have looked like a couple of homeless people, as we were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves about then! Took a cab back to the hotel, and here we are, stranded in Vegas! So NOT the day we had planned!

Spent the entire afternoon on the phone with our insurance agent, filing a claim, etc. We are going to try to get the other ladies' insurance co. to furnish us a car, so we can still drive down to my Mom and Dad's. Or I guess they can just fly us home! If not, Mom and Dad will drive up tomorrow to get us, and we'll fly home from Phoenix.

Sooooo, sorry guys --- no great pictures of the Strip, The Bellagio, or the Faux Eiffel Tower today! (and probably not tommorrow either) We just went downstairs for a bite of dinner, plunked a few more pennies (read: flushed $20.00 away!) in the slots, and are now in our room for the night, we're whupped!

We are feeling a little battered, bruised and tired--but VERY grateful that we are OK, we certainly know that we are very lucky, and it could have been soooo much worse.

Well, on that cheery note (ha!), I'll close. Off to bed for a good night's sleep! Love you all!


  1. omg*****if it wasn't 10:48 here now I would call you. I have no idea what time it is there but figure you are sleeping now. Of all nites I play on the digital program instead of checking blogs off and on- sorry. I hope you 2 are really okay. Can't believe the cop didn't give you a ride to hotel...should of. You are right it is definitely not what I was expecting to I will try to get some sleep when ya can

  2. OMG DOUBLE. I am so sorry this happened but so relieved you are both OK. You will feel tired and bruised today too...hurt all over maybe. Take some Ibuprofen if you can. Thank God you are both not injured. Terrible scary situation. I will check routinely to see what the plan is...whether you fly home or get a car or have your Mom and Dad come get you. We should be thankful you were in a truck and not your car? I love you BOTH so very much, your in my prayers and thoughts constantly. Please keep us informed...Deb and I are worried......

  3. Deb-RE: The cop giving us a ride--now THAT would have been funny--as he was a motorcycle cop!

  4. now that would of been one of those a picture is worth a thousand words type or what happens in vegas stays in vegas pictures! see you are up and at em early....4 am? are you sure you got any sleep? yes brenda is right -we are worried- but you sound okay....bummed of course but not hurt...