Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just for Bren

Oh, it's good to be HOME! That's exactly what I thought as we landed in Anchorage yesterday afternoon. It is soooo beautiful here now, with several inches of fresh snow and the trees are heavily "frosted". Just look how pretty:

My dear friends Deb, Donna and I had planned a "girls day" for today. We were on a "secret mission" for our Dear Bren.

We started our day with breakfast with DavOd and Jim. Had a yummy breakfast, but most of all a lovely long visit. Was great to see Jim, and he and Dave had a good time chatting. We were thinking of you Bren, and missing you!

Then we drove...............................................

We parked in the parking garage, and walked across this skywalk.

Does this view look familiar, Bren?

Oh my, look where we are! One of my favorite stores!

As we walked across the second skywalk, we spotted some "Bell Ringers". Donna decided to join them in song! Just look at that girl rock out!

And still my heart! Nordy's Coffee, my second favorite, right after Kaladi's. Of course, we had to have some.

And then.......we waited in THIS line for almost TWO HOURS! But it went by quickly, we visited and laughed and waited, and waited, and waited. The (other) kids in line were very cute. (And no--we were NOT waiting in line for a Sarah Palin autograph! This mission was MUCH more important.)

While we were waiting in line we saw an old friend of mine, my favorite boss ever, Dr Mike Sage. It was a lovely surprise, and we had a nice long chat.

Then we waited some more................
Finally!! It was our turn!

Don't we look excited? I said we were the oldest "kids" in line, and that Deb said "I think we were even older than SANTA!" Miss SmartyPants!

This one's for you, Dear Bren! We missed you today.


  1. I am so touched by this, I sit here crying...two hours waiting...girls, can you see how beautiful you all are? This is the bestest Christmas present I could ever ask for. It has warmed by heart and its almost trying to beat out of my chest. Thank you dear, dear friends. The pictures were staged just right and I love you all.....

  2. I'm so glad you didn't forget how to blog Diana- this is a pretty special recap of our great day. Yes, it was for BREN, but it was for YOU, DONNA AND ME, ALSO - I think it did us good to be together again. Thanks for coming up to this winter wonderland this Christmas!