Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Been Exercising Much?

Deb--Be sure to do some gentle stretches each morning, BEFORE getting on your new elliptical trainer! Here is a picture for inspiration!

While looking for a certain picture of my brother for a birthday post, I found this old photo of dear Deb and Donna. I think this was filed under the heading "Younger and Sillier" (OK--maybe NOT sillier. After all, we did just stand in line for two hours to have our picture taken with Santa!)

I think they were doing their morning "stretches" after a night of ggggggg's and fun at our house in Anchorage. (sniff, sniff) There were soooo many wonderful mornings like this, and I sure miss them.

OK, that's a "blast from the past" for you all!

I have a few more surprises up my sleeve, so stay tuned! Oh, maybe around the 9th or so. Hmmmmmmm-what could that day be????


  1. How funny- I'm not sure I recognize Donna or myself-but everything else looks familiar!

    I have to be careful on the new machine- that damn knee- could give me problems if I do too much. Trying to ignore the noises it makes!

    Of course I would love to scrap your trip!

  2. Deb--I was just kidding about the Paris scrapbook--but if you're serious........I'll start saving stuff right now!

  3. I repeat..."Of ourse I would love to scrap your trip!" so start saving stuff! You changed your background- thebackgroundfairy has Paris backgrounds in older posts you should check out.