Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunny Saturday in Portland

We woke up Saturday to more beautiful sunshine! Our plan for the day was to go to Saturday Market, then to bike shop #2 to test ride the bike they built for him.

We managed (no help from Ms. GPS) to drive to Saturday Market without going around in circles. We parked several blocks away and enjoyed walking through that area of Old Town, as there are some beautiful old buildings and interesting galleries.

The Market was wall to wall people!

There are at least 200 artists, and we looked at every booth!

I power shopped- 1 dress, 2 blouses, a straw purse and a silver necklace. Whew--I'm broke now! Here's a pic of my new necklace--it's very delicate hammered round silver links, and I love it!

We enjoyed the entertainment for a few minutes--an old timers (kinda like us!) fiddle group, The Puddletown Ramblers:

It was a very warm and sunny day, so there were lots of kiddos playing in the water fountain area, they were so cute to watch: We walked over to an area overlooking the Willamette River to take a picture of Burnside Bridge, just one of the MANY bridges we crossed MANY times yesterday:
After all that shopping, it was time to head to the bike shop for those test rides, so we enjoyed a leisurely stroll back to our car, with a stop at Starbucks on the way.

David did several more test rides on two bikes, comparing the size, set up and components, but didn't make a buying decision. He'll be doing more research and riding a few more here in town before making his final decision. Unlike his wife, he makes very careful and deliberate buying decisions--no impulse buying for David!

By now we were hungry, as it was waaaay past lunch--so we decided on Descheutes Brew Pub in the Pearl District. We were lucky to get an outside table, and enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch and a great beer! We shared an order of sweet potato fries, then had the most wonderful pizza--very thin crust with goat cheese, thin sliced pear, toasted hazelnuts and topped with arugula. Yummmmmmy!!

After that yummy and calorific lunch, we decided we'd better walk a bit, so we explored the Pearl District with it's many wonderful shops and galleries. I just love this neighborhood, and when we win the lottery I'm going to buy a loft apartment there. You all hold your breath, now!

We walked and walked, figuring we had walked off about 10% of those lunch calories! Oh, well--I'll starve tomorrow!

Dinner was a bit of a disappointment, we returned to a Vietnamese restaurant we had been to last year for our anniversary. Not quite so good this time. And I won't even TRY to explain to dear Bren about the Beef Tendon and Tripe Soup--I just don't think she'd understand. I will, however, remind her to be nice about my adventurous eating--remember I get to choose where we eat on my birthday! And I don't think they have club sandwiches at sushi restaurants ;-)

Back to our hotel for a good night's sleep, as we wanted to get an early start back to Spudville.

Sunday was another gorgeous day, and I really wasn't ready to leave beautiful Portland. But most good things must come to an end--so home it was! It was a fine drive back home, and it was actually sunny in Spudville, too!

We had a nice dinner of grilled shrimp and brown rice, and now it's back to reality. Back to the gym, super healthy eating (NO MORE french fries!) and we must get some yard work done, get our garden ready and our tomatoes planted.

Then we can go play some more! Hmmmm-where will those Travelin' Lundburys go next???

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  1. Sweet potato fries.....yummmy! Looks like you had a great weekend in Portland- sorry no new bike for Dave...maybe go to the Seattle bike shops next?