Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday in Portland

We had a nice drive from Spudville to Portland, the weather was beautiful! We were lucky to see a big herd of elk along the way--between LaGrande and Pendleton.

We checked in to our hotel and headed right out to dinner. I had done internet research for a good place for dinner, and found several reviews for a little neighborhood fish market and restaurant called Cabezano. It was wonderful! It's a cute little "bistro" place in a fun older area of Portland; it has a great menu that changes with the seasons and according to what is freshest that day.
We had a nice glass of wine with a cheese plate for starters. Here we are enjoying our wine:

The cheese plate was really good--a local blue cheese, a California blue and a French Brie. All were great, but the Oregon blue was the best. They were served with glazed pecans, figs and thin sliced quince.

We both had a bowl of cioppino, and it was wonderful--even better than what we had in Bodega Bay last week! It was served with lots of great french bread to soak up all that yummy broth. Just look at this beautiful bowl of delicious seafood:

And, just for Dear Bren, here I am eating a very yummy baby squid tentacle, mmmmmmmmmmmm good!It was a lovely meal, very relaxed with great food and good service. Wish you could have all been there to share it with us!

Tomorrow we are off to several bike shops. David has them all mapped out, and has called ahead to make sure they have the bikes he is interested it. Should be a fun day! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Gross, I am so glad the "testicle" picture is for Brenda...made me gag and figured if I called it by this name I could look at it again. You two are looking mighty good-your hard work is showing. Have fun in Portland- a change of scenery is a good thing!

  2. Oh how I loved the wine and cheese plate....mouth was drooling and then I saw the word CIOPPINO. Boy was I glad I didn't have to see that dish. NO WAY...DavOd took a picture of it. OK, that dish is actually pretty from FAR away. OMG...what is Di eating...that's THE LUNDBURY'S....I actually grunted and made noises here at the computer desk looking at you eating that TESTICLE.