Saturday, May 8, 2010

We've Been Everywhere, Man!

What a day! We have been ALL OVER Portland. Back and forth across the river at least 5 times--Burnside Bridge, Morrison Bridge and Broadway Bridge and then some.

Seems as though our GPS (we usually call her Genie, but today she had a few other choice names!) was having a very bad day. She didn't seem to know her left from her right, and then she just drove us around in circles. Later we figured out her battery was low. Oh, for the good old days and a simple map. Come to think of it, though--I can't read the fine print on a map................hmmm! So much for that girl scout navigatrix badge. Darn!

We did manage to find all the bike shops David had on his list. Here he is on the way to the first one, when I saw these beautiful rhododendrons. Doesn't he look thrilled to delay his bike shopping experience so I could fumble with our new camera to take these pictures? (NOT!)

Here he is at Bike Shop #1 on the east side of the river (after getting lost on the OTHER side of the river, and several wrong turns) First test ride:

After spending quite some time at this first shop, we were off to bike shop #2. Of course, it was back on the OTHER side of the river. So back we go, Broadway Bridge this time. Just never mind about Burnside Bridge, westbound lanes are closed. Or so the sign says. We can see cars driving west across it, but can't figure out how to get on the bridge. Miss Genie GPS is no help, and by now she has a not so nice new name.

By this time, I'm sure we are looking like Ma and Pa fresh off the spud farm on their first trip to the big city. Whew! This just might be more trouble than it's worth!

Finally--Bike Shop#2! Here he is on his test ride:

This is his favorite so far. He's thinking seriously about it, so seriously that he is having them build it in a different size for him, and we are going back tomorrow so he can ride it again. We can only hope that Miss Genie GPS can remember which side of the river this bike shop is on.

Off to bike shop #3--miracle of miracles--it's on the same side of the river. Hallelujah! We find it and it's a nice shop, but nothing in stock for David. Very helpful owner, though. After much conversation, he directs us to yet another shop that carries a great bike that David is interested in. Guess what? It's ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER AGAIN!!

We again fire up Ms GPS Whats Her Name, and arrive at bike shop #4 safe and sound.

It's a great shop--here's a picture of the outside and the cool bikes on the roof:

Lot$ of great bike$ in thi$ $hop--many in the $5,000 range, and one for over $14,000!!!. No test rides here--but maybe a little drooling! (David, not me--I was busy tweeting you all pics of the price tags!)

At this point, David decided he was "biked out" for the day, so we spent the rest of the day in the Sellwood district, which is full of wonderful antique shops. Thankfully, a short drive from the last bike shop, and on the same side of the river!

After a couple of lovely hours in Sellwood it was time for dinner. We had read many rave reviews online and in a magazine, and had decided on an artisan pizza restaurant fairly near our hotel, so I fired up Old Ms. and off we went. We found it! It was just a lovely restaurant in a funky, fun neighborhood but, unfortunately it was closed today due to electrical problems! Plan B--another small pizza restaurant. ( Yeaaaaah--same side of the river!!) It was a cute little restaurant and a good pizza, but not a great pizza. Moose's Tooth is way better.

Even with our frustrations with Ms. Genie, and our many trips across the river, it was a fun day. I am so thankful we can laugh about our big city navigating adventures!

And that David is such a sweetie--he says I can keep my Navigatrix badge--it was all Ms. Genie's fault!

Tomorrow--a couple more bike shops and test rides, and maybe Saturday Market. If we don't get lost.

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  1. First you win a prize for knowing how to spell the flower Di, second DavOd looks mighty happy standing near those bushes...LOL What an adventure traveling back and forth across the bridges for bike shops. Love is patient, love is kind....true example of that passage. DavOd and you are so slim and trim...your looking marvelous. So I wonder, did he get that bike made for him in a different size? I love to read your posts are wonderful but what you write is even more fascinating and interesting. When you grow up, you should be a writer!