Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun Time in Vegas

We had a great trip to Las Vegas last week--much better than our last trip--no car accident this time!

We'd received an offer from The Orleans for two free nights, so we took advantage of that great deal (which included a dining credit!), added an extra night, and had two full days and three lovely nights to explore, shop, "plunk" a few quarters and relax.

We really had three goals for this trip--to enjoy some sunshine and heat, (which has been sorely lacking here in Spudville), try out our new camera in several different settings; and, for me-- to try out a few pairs of shoes for all day walking and sight seeing prior to our trip to Europe.

We scored on all three! It was definitely hot and sunny, although a bit windy the first day. We enjoyed looking at a few new casinos, and then walked to a great mall on the strip-Fashion Square. It's huge, and we spent 5 hours shopping and had lunch there. David bought some new clothes (much needed!), and I found a new watch. After the mall, we stopped at one of Emeril's restaurants and sat outside and enjoyed a cold beer and shared some nachos. Here we are:

That evening we had dinner at Spago, which was just OK. We weren't very hungry, so we just ordered from their cafe menu and shared a pizza and salad. It was NOT the best pizza we've ever had, for sure. Moose's Tooth has it beat by a mile!

The next day we were ready for something different. On a recommendation from my friend Pat, we went to the Springs Preserve Botanical Garden just a few miles from the strip. It was a wonderful, relaxing change from all the noise and hustle of the strip, and was very interesting.

Who knew the desert has such beautiful flowers? Our new camera got quite a workout, and here are some of the best pics:

After enjoying a few hours at the gardens, we headed back to the strip for our last afternoon and evening in Vegas. We explored the other end of the strip, and had a late lunch at New York, New York Casino. I tried to talk David into riding their roller coaster--but no dice!
After a bit more wandering around, we decided we were "done" with the strip--toooo many people! We caught the shuttle back to The Orleans, played a few slots and won enough to pay for our dinner! We had a nice, quiet sushi dinner, and called it a night.
Friday was a nice, hot sunny day for a 10 hour drive back to Spudville. Good thing we got an early start, as there were several construction delays. Rolled in to our driveway at about 7:30. Another great road trip!
It's alway good to come home--so we can plan our next trip! Where will the Traveling Lundbury's be next week?? Stay tuned!

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  1. The pictures that you took at Springs Preserve are great! Looks like your camera will be perfect for your upcoming Paris trip. One more thing..... I'm glad that you won enough gambling for your sushi dinner; but I didn't even get an Egg Mc Muffin with my investment! Ha! Ha! Ha! ;)