Saturday, June 5, 2010

Donna, Janna and Di in Seattle

What a fun time we had in Seattle!

Tuesday morning I drove from Linda's to Donna's sister's house in Olympia. It's a beautiful house right on Puget Sound--I could live like that!

After a nice visit with Donna's sister Pat, we drove into Seattle. A quick stop at Janna's house to pick up her room mate Kristin, and we were off for a coffee at their neighborhood coffee shop "Herkimers". We drove downtown and checked into our hotel-The Mayflower Park. After a quick bit of window shopping we headed out for dinner. Janna had suggested a pizza place--but not just any old pizza--this was Serious Pie! It was delicious-we had a Truffle and Mushroom Pizza that was fantastic. I think David and I will be going there when we are in Seattle in July.

Janna invited us to join her for a friends birthday celebration that evening. The party was being held at a bar/nightclub called The Unicorn, located in the Capitol district. Donna was careful to ask Janna about the atmosphere at this place, and Janna assured us it was great. Oh, we might see a few characters in the neighborhood, after all it's Capitol District! Well, little did she know there was a cross-dressers party that night! What a hoot! I'll never look at turquoise Lycra and feather boas the same!

I really enjoyed meeting Janna's friends--what a delightful group of young men and women. So friendly, polite and welcoming. It was a great evening!

Donna and I made our way back to our car, and to The Mayflower. Texted Janna and tried to convince her we were lost and still looking for our car an hour later, but she's too smart for that!

Of course, we sat in our jammies and talked for a few hours. The next morning I was up early--5:30! Made a cup of coffee and waited for that Donna to wake up. Hey--there's a whole big city out there to explore--and I've got shopping to do!

She was up by 7 or so, and we had coffee, showered and lounged around in our Mayflower "spa" robes. Here we are:

We decided to walk down to Pike Place Market area for breakfast. We found a great little French place near the market, and decided it looked just perfect for a leisurely breakfast. The menu was entirely in French--so it was good practice!
I had two poached eggs on garlic croutons, with a red wine/foie gras sauce, mushrooms and pearl onions. It came with a side of pommes frites--for breakfast!! It was wonderful! Here are a few pics of our breakfast:

Janna joined us for breakfast--here she is munching on our pommes frites: (please excuse the blurriness)
Isn't she cute? And she is just as sweet and thoughtful as she is pretty. I can't believe she is all grown up, though!

After several more cups of coffee and our delicious breakfast, we set off to explore the market. We stopped at one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table--a wonderful kitchen/cooking store. Of course, I didn't leave empty handed!

We crossed the street into the Market, and explored all the wonderful food stalls and artist booths. Here we are!
After we finished at the Market, we walked a few blocks up hill to Nordstroms and Macys--we power shopped!! We all found just what we were looking for, and as Donna said--we contributed to Seattle's economic stimulus, for sure!

Sadly, it was time for Donna to get to the airport. After a sweet goodbye to Janna, we got my car from valet parking, and found our way out of downtown Seattle with no mishaps. I dropped Donna off at the airport with another sad goodbye, and managed to get out of the airport WITHOUT 4 return trips to the terminal (ha, Deb!)

It was just the best of times, and I think we should make it a yearly tradition!


  1. What a wonderful way to start my Saturday morning. Great pics Di and the commentary excellent once again! You had me from the first paragraph....I could live like this. Smiling from the very start of the post! And then at the was the best of times....You both look fabulous darling...more memories made but your can do. Sure hope they make hash brown and scrambled eggs with a side of bacon! We are all the same but so different in many ways...that's what true friendship really is. Janna's hair is cute and somehow I just knew her friends would be also.

  2. If I had known you were going to the aeroport I would of worried myself to sleep...glad you were able to get in and out of there okay.
    Mayflower brings back some good memories, along with Pike's...lucky Janna to be living right there! So glad you were able to go over and spend the time with Donna- and thanks for posting a great blog with your pictures.
    See ya soon!

  3. I'm so jealous.... When I see these pictures of Seattle I miss living there - so many fun places to explore. Oh well! The good news is that Spudville also has a farmer's market (we have to sell those potatoes), and it's not too bad either. However, unfortunately, we are a little short on the Unicorn adventures.