Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well Balanced........

Wednesday we were naughty---we skipped the gym and took a nice day trip down south of Spudville to the Hagerman/Buhl area. It's about a 2 1/2 hr drive from home, so we set off fairly early. Our destination:

Balanced Rock!

You can't really tell by the picture, but it's really HUGE! Here's another view: Our original plan was to hike up to the rock, break out our climbing gear (ropes, harnesses, oxygen masks, etc) and scale up to the very tippy top, plant a flag and take our picture------ NOT!! After watching some other (much younger) people hike up and slip/slide on the loose rocks--we decided that we would play it safe and just enjoy the view from the parking lot. My old knees are not what they used to be!
After enjoying the view for a while, we decided to drive to Balance Rock State Park about a mile away. It's really a pretty spot with a few nice camping areas, some picnic spots and a hiking trail along a small creek.
We though a hike was a great idea! Here I am at the picnic area:
We hiked back along the creek for about 1/2 mile. It's a fairly narrow "canyon" with high rock walls on each side. We kept hearing a strange noise--kind of like a moaning or cooing. It was almost an erie sound, echoing in the canyon. What is that? Finally we realized it was doves that were nesting in the crevices of the rock cliffs.

We watched the birds for a while--it was very interesting. The doves fly right into the narrowest crevices, barely slowing down! There were many other birds, too. Beautiful yellow finches, red winged blackbirds, crows and hawks. We also saw lots of mud dauber type nests on the rock cliffs.

Here's a couple of pictures of us along the trail (that Dave--his new camera is really getting a workout!)

The end of the trail came too soon! We were hemmed in by the cliffs on both sides and the river right in front of us. As we did not bring our kayak, and our climbing gear (ha!!) was in the car, we reluctantly turned back. Here's the end of the trail:

Notice that David is in shorts, and I chose (wisely) to hike with my legs covered. Well---on the way back he got into some stinging nettle, and fussed and fussed about it. Being the loving wife I am, and thinking only of relieving his pain, I offered to pee on his leg. Oh, the look of horror on his face! "That's for jelly fish stings, NOT stinging nettle! I DON'T think that would work". Sometimes he's no fun at all; I was just trying to help. So much for my medical expertise, huh??(Actually, I knew that--I just like to mess with him, and he falls for it almost every time! He did look a little worried this time, though!)
We had a nice walk back to the camping area and enjoyed our picnic lunch while watching the birds. By then it was mid afternoon, and time to head for home.
All in all, a lovely day for the Travelin' Lundburys.


  1. this looks much better than the gym...good choice.
    10 more days and you will be hiking in PA.... better bring only one pair of jeans!
    see ya soon

  2. changing my mind this weather is HOT doubtful you will need jeans.....I went to Walmart and bought short shorts......gross on me but better than sweat dripping through my capris!

  3. It has been ALMOST a full month since you posted so no smack talking about me!!!!!!