Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Family Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas at Doug and Barb's. They sure "outdid" themselves, and are the "Hostesses with the Mostest".

We had a nice, uneventful drive down from Anchorage. It was cloudy and gray when we left Anchorage through Turnagain Pass, but then the sun broke through a little.

Mt. ReDoubt.

When we got into Homer, we drove down to the spit, and took some pictures of the eagles.

After we poked around on the spit for awhile, it was time for Doug and Barb to be off work, so we headed off to their house. It was sooooo good to see them!

We had a wonderful evening, talking, laughing and eating a delicious dinner. We were off to bed fairly early, as us old folks (Dave and Di) were sleepy.

Christmas morning came early for us, we got up and had several cups of coffee, waited for Doug to get home from work. We opened our stockings and presents before we ate brunch.

Here are some pictures of us opening our stockings, and unwrapping presents.

After presents, we were in for a treat for our breakfast. Doug and Barb had told us they had a surprise for breakfast--and it was! We had breakfast in a bag! Mixed up eggs and omelette fixings in a zip lock bag, and then boiled them all together in a big pot. Sounds weird, but they were delicious and easy. Here we are fixing our yummy breakfast!

We just relaxed the rest of the day, played a game of cards (the girls won!) and Matt took the dogs to the beach for a walk.

We had a late dinner--very non-traditional (but traditional for Alaska!) Of course it was delicious, and there was very good wine to accompany.

It's always good to spend Christmas with family, and this year was extra special. We sure missed Mom and Dad, Kyle, Krista and Kasey. and wish we could have ALL been together! Doug and Barb fed us wonderful meals, gave thoughtful gifts, and even made sure Santa came to fill our stockings! Thanks to both of you for a lovely time, we love you!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Gifts of Friendship

Christmas has come a little early for David. He's already opened two presents! Here is a picture of him with his nifty personalized apron, custom made just for him by my dear friend Donna! Pretty cool, huh? Now that he has an apron, I think this means that he has to do all the cooking and dishes. I'm sure that's what she intended! Especially since she included a scrubbie, hand knit dish cloth, and a dishtowel!

That Donna has been busy at her sewing machine--she also made me a really pretty tote bag. I think I'll use it as a library book bag. I'm sure I'll have much more time to read, now that Chef DavOd will be doing all the cooking!

David is holding another treasure, this one is from Deb. It's VERY Alaskan--because it's made of DUCT TAPE! And---it has a Kaladi's card tucked into it! He was so funny when he opened it--he said "I'm going to keep this forever"'! Thanks, you two! You are both so special, and toooo good to us.

Yesterday Deb and I had coffee (Kaladi's, of course!) with Randy and Carla Wolf. It was such a lovely surprise, and it was great to catch up. They both are just as sweet and funny as ever!

Last night we had dinner with our long time friends, Mike and Karen. Four fun hours of talking and laughing and catching up. Not to mention the great food (and too many martini's!) They are going to be building a house near Spudville this year, so hopefully we'll get to see them more often. I sure hope so!

We are having a great visit "home". The weather has warmed up, much to David's relief. More snow in the forecast--so we will have a VERY white Christmas. We are sure enjoying Matt and Jeanne's company, it will be so hard to leave. But I'm NOT going to think about that today!

We are leaving tomorrow to drive to Homer, down to my brother's and sister-in-laws for Christmas. REALLY looking forward to that. Will try to take pictures on the way, as it is a beautiful drive.

Thanks to our dear friends who have made this visit special, and Merry Christmas, too!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just for Bren

Oh, it's good to be HOME! That's exactly what I thought as we landed in Anchorage yesterday afternoon. It is soooo beautiful here now, with several inches of fresh snow and the trees are heavily "frosted". Just look how pretty:

My dear friends Deb, Donna and I had planned a "girls day" for today. We were on a "secret mission" for our Dear Bren.

We started our day with breakfast with DavOd and Jim. Had a yummy breakfast, but most of all a lovely long visit. Was great to see Jim, and he and Dave had a good time chatting. We were thinking of you Bren, and missing you!

Then we drove...............................................

We parked in the parking garage, and walked across this skywalk.

Does this view look familiar, Bren?

Oh my, look where we are! One of my favorite stores!

As we walked across the second skywalk, we spotted some "Bell Ringers". Donna decided to join them in song! Just look at that girl rock out!

And still my heart! Nordy's Coffee, my second favorite, right after Kaladi's. Of course, we had to have some.

And then.......we waited in THIS line for almost TWO HOURS! But it went by quickly, we visited and laughed and waited, and waited, and waited. The (other) kids in line were very cute. (And no--we were NOT waiting in line for a Sarah Palin autograph! This mission was MUCH more important.)

While we were waiting in line we saw an old friend of mine, my favorite boss ever, Dr Mike Sage. It was a lovely surprise, and we had a nice long chat.

Then we waited some more................
Finally!! It was our turn!

Don't we look excited? I said we were the oldest "kids" in line, and that Deb said "I think we were even older than SANTA!" Miss SmartyPants!

This one's for you, Dear Bren! We missed you today.