Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The Traveling Lundburys"

There was an old couple
Who lived in Idahooooo
They were so sick of the cold,
They didn't know what to do.

They pondered and they mused
They argued and they fussed,
Truth be told
They might have even cussed!

Just what should they do
Where could they go?
The possibilities were many
And they all cost just a penny!
(or a few!)

But then they decided
They weren't gonna fight it----
Because it would just be sooo dandy
To be somewhere warm and sandy!

Dave's shorts and his tank tops
Di's sundress and her flip-flops
It's all in their suitcases--
Oh,  the smiles on their faces!

And now they've gone........

We talked about it on Monday, bought our tickets on Tuesday (Thank you Alaska Airlines Companion Fares), packed on Wednesday, and we'll hit the beach in Waikiki on Thursday!  We'll have our toes in the water, and our ass(es) in the sand for 10 wonderful days.........

We have nothing exciting planned-- just soak up the sun, eat some fresh squid, and drink a few cold beers!  OK----maybe several cold beers  ;=}

Wishing you were ALL here with us!!  Stay tuned for our daily (non)adventures in paradise.

Dave and Di
Edited on Wed evening:  BIG snow storm coming in to Portland forecast for today, mid day throu tomorrow mid day, so we changed our flights to Friday.  Dang!!