Friday, March 30, 2012

I'M ON MY WAY...................

To my favorite city in the world....PARIS!!

As you read this, I am winging my way to beautiful Paris, traveling with my amazing, fun-loving and very generous parents.

It all started because my Dad wanted to go to Amsterdam.  Hmmm, Mom and I thought--as long as we're going to Europe, we might as well "stop by" Paris.  Of course, my Dad had absolutely no interest in going to Paris, but he lovingly (with just minor grumbling!) agreed.  I'm thinking he'll be wearing a beret and eating escargot in no time!

Here's our plan:  5 days in Paris, train to Bruges, Belgium for 2 days, and then train to Amsterdam for 6 days.  We'll be staying in apartments in Paris and Amsterdam, and a hotel in Bruges.  In Paris, we are staying at our usual (our 3rd stay!) apartment on Rue St. Dominique in the 7th.  We love this street, with it's wonderful bakeries, cheese shops and pastry shops. It's a good location for my parents as there is a bus stop right across the street.  I'm thinking buses will be easier for my Mom than the Metro--no stairs!

We are staying in a wonderful old hotel in Bruges, the same one David and I stayed at during our visit in 2010.  We will have two days to explore this very beautiful and unique old city.

In Amsterdam we have a roomy apartment in the central area, right on a canal.  We have a few things planned for Amsterdam--mainly a visit to the WWII National Liberation Museum in Groesbeek, a few miles outside of Amsterdam.  This will be a special trip, as there is a display which includes pictures and information about my Dad's brother, Roy M Tuttle.  Roy was killed in action on October 9th, 1944 near Molenhoeck, Netherlands.  We will also be visiting the cemetery where he was buried before his body was returned home to  his family in South Dakota.  I'm especially looking forward to this part of our trip and sharing it with my parents.

So stay tuned for our first day in Paris--pictures to follow tomorrow!