Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello from Beautiful Paris

We're here! After a very looooong and uneventful flight, we are once again in beautiful Paris.  With a screaming baby and a woman repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly!!) slamming the overhead bin shut, sleep was scarce on our 10 hour flight from Salt Lake City!

Our driver was right there to pick us up and we were at our apartment by noon.  A quick unpack, a stop at the ATM for Euros, and we were on our way to Le Metro.  We recharged our passes and headed straight to the Marais district for a bite to eat at L'As du Falafel.  We both had their delicious falafel pita sandwiches and a beer each, and then we strolled the streets, just enjoying the ambience.  We LOVE Paris!  We window shopped for an hour or so, and then realized we were both so "jet-lagged" that we could hardly think.

We decided that an espresso at a sidewalk cafe was just what the doctor ordered.  Unfortunately, we could not find one that did IV caffeine, but a double espresso was the next best thing!  That perked us up a bit, so we Metro'd back to our neighborhood and shopped at our favorite boulangerie, fromagerie and grocery store for a few staples for our apartment.  Mmmmmmm-a pound or two of that wonderful french butter, some brie, a baguette, a bottle of wine and we are set!  As a matter of fact--that was our dinner tonight!

So now, after a relaxing night cap at our favorite neighborhood cafe, it's very early to bed tonight for the Lundburys--we are exhausted!  Our agenda for tomorrow: Notre Dame cathedral first thing in the morning, then we'll just get lost and explore the rest of the day!

No pictures to post today, but stay tuned tomorrow.........


  1. We have been watching for your first post so we would know you have arrived. Glad to hear that you are now in Paris and that your flight was u eventrul.
    Dan and I will be watching and enjoying Paris and your other destinations through your posts.

  2. Thanks for the FIRST of many postings....can't wait to read about your travels. Exciting times for you two...and for me... as I follow your blog.