Monday, October 3, 2011

Just for Matt......

Matt--this post is just for you!

Here I am in Pisa, after a little shopping at the lovely, upscale tourist shops.  Hmmmm, I wonder what could be in this bag?????

Oh look, here I am with this treasure right in front of the tower:

And I carried it all the way to the top!

Oh, the things a Mom will do for her son!
Love you the most!


  1. I loved this....sweet Mom you are Di....

  2. lol... I swear, you're going to have everyone convinced I'm an alcoholic!

    Important questions, though... does the shot glass lean?

  3. Matt: Naaaaa-they know you are way too smart for that! And of course it leans, silly! It's from Pisa--everything leans there!

    Bren: Easy to be a sweet Mom--he's a sweet kid!

  4. No way you can be an alcoholic ...with an empty shot glass! Now if she was carrying the fifth up there with it---we would be worrying more about her than you! The things Mom's do for their sons- remember that phone call 29 years ago Di?

  5. LOL!!! Yes the things a mom will do for her son.
    love the picture at the top of the tower with you holding the shot glass.

  6. Debber: YES! I sure do remember that wonderful phone call 29 years ago! I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing......Happy Birthday Chris! (Hard to believe he's 29!!!)