Thursday, April 12, 2012


Literally!  It's still windy and cold--certainly not the weather we were hoping for.  It's not stopping us from having a good time, we just bundle up and go!

After a very good night's sleep,  we had another hearty breakfast of hot oatmeal and yogurt.  (Oh, okay-- we ate baguette and butter, too!!  We are carbo-loading to keep us warm)  We discuss the days plans, and decide that today is a good day to stroll through one of Paris' lovely street markets.  Even though it's windy and chilly--at least it's not raining.  In fact, we see big areas of blue sky!

 The market we want to visit is just a few blocks away, but we decide that we'd avoid the Metro stairs today, and try to conserve Mom's energy for the market.  We're thinking a taxi sounds just right!
There's a taxi stand a block from our apartment, so we walk over about 10 a.m.--and not a taxi in sight!
We waited around for a while, even tried to flag one down from the street, but no luck!

Mom says she is feeling great today, and would actually like to walk, so off we go.  It was an easy walk--across the Seine River from our apartment.  I even managed to guide us right to the market!  The market is set on Avenue de President Wilson, and it's covered with awnings, so was quite protected from the wind and cold.  It's one of the nicest markets in Paris, not in a tourist area but frequented mostly by locals.  Today it was bustling with shoppers filling their small grocery carts, moms pushing strollers and even a few cute old French men wearing berets!

The variety of fruit and vegetables was amazing, and they were all beautifully displayed.  There were also several cheese sellers, fishmongers and meat sellers, and a few clothes thrown in for good measure!  We strolled from one end to the other,  and Mom and Dad really enjoyed looking at the many different kinds of produce.  We even had a couple of tasty samples--some pretty good goose liver pate.  Only two small purchases, a pair of gloves for my Mom's frozen fingers, and little something for my dear friend Deb!

Here are some pictures of the lovely Marche Avenue de President Wilson:

The start of the market:

Beautiful strawberries and watermelon:

Look at these gorgeous French Radishes:

Many vegetable vendors had a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes, all colors and shapes:

I thought these chocolate  brown tomatoes were interesting, and the nice lady assured be they were ripe and delicious, ready to eat today!

Here's Mom and Dad--checking out the veggies:

And my pretty Mom, in front of pretty flowers:

We came to the end of the market and out into a roundabout with a large statue in the middle.  Why it's George Washington--in Paris!

After a little "Google research", I found that this statue, erected in 1900, was a gift to France from the women of the United States in memory of the friendship shown by France during our fight for independence. (loose translation of the inscription on the base)

As we were looking around this area we realized we were very close to the Eiffel Tower.  So we thought we'd just "mosey" over in that direction, find a nice little cafe along the way,  have a hot cup of coffee,   maybe a creme brûlée; and rest up a bit.  Well, so much for great ideas!   We were in an area with several Embassies, upscale hotels and  residences, but not a single cafe to be found along our route!

We just kept walking, and found ourselves in a very pretty park right across the River Seine from the Tower:

Mom and Dad:

I just love this next picture, Mom and Dad walking hand in hand--just a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower:

We crossed the Champs du Mars bridge along with several hundred other tourists, enjoying the spectacular view of the Tower.  Well--make that enjoying the view as best we can while freezing to death!  Brrrr, it's cold today!

We walked under that beautiful Tower, admiring her from all angles.  We also marveled at the L-O-N-G lines waiting to go up in the Tower.  There were hundreds of people in huge lines snaking around and thanks!

We strolled through the Champs du Mars Park, just past the Tower.  We make a quick stop--Mom's shoe is untied.  This next picture is my favorite of the day.   True, lasting, forever love and devotion.
(Notice Dad is carrying Mom's umbrella in his back pocket--just in case it rains)

One last picture of Mom and Dad and the Eiffel Tower:

 Soon we are through the park and back on  Rue St. Dominique.  Just a short 4 block walk, and we are "home".   We turn on the heater, and Mom parks herself right in front--I think she's trying to thaw out!  A nice cup of hot tea warms us all up just a bit.

We had a lovely lunch of crackers, sliced hard sausage, yummy brie cheese and some strawberries.  
We decide to rest a little and read our Nooks.  Soon I hear a little yawn....Mom is getting sleepy and so is Dad.  They decide a nap is in order, so off they go for a little snooze. 

I'm not sleepy at all, and decide to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  I get out my trusty map and mark a route to the apartment we have rented for our October visit with Matt.  I find it with only a slight "detour", and it's in a perfect location on a very interesting street.  Actually very close to our current apartment, and I think we are really going to love it there! 

I spend about an hour exploring a few new streets, and I'm very tempted to stop at a cafe for an espresso and creme brûlée.  But I resisted!

A quick stop at the patisserie for a couple of baguettes and tonights' dessert, another quick stop at the grocery store for another bottle of red wine, and then home to Mom and Dad.  We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in our warm apartment, drinking hot tea and reading on our Nooks (the best idea since sliced bread!).  

Dinner tonight was simple--scrambled eggs, baguette and butter and a few leftover green beans.  We also tried some of those beautiful French radishes we saw at the market.  The traditional French way of eating radishes is cold, with a little (or BIG!) dab of butter.  So we thought we'd give that a try--it was an interesting combination!  Good, but not extraordinary.  

Dessert?  You betcha!! It is absolutely against the rules to not have dessert at least once a day in Paris!

Tonight:  We split two desserts; a dark chocolate mousse, which was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and almost too rich.  And a raspberry mousse--it had a very intense raspberry flavor.  I'd have to give a slight edge to the raspberry mousse!

Another wonderful day in Paris with my Mom and Dad.................

Tomorrow:  The Louvre!


  1. That market looks great. A must see this fall. No expresso......say it's not so! Great photo's of your folks. I'm not missin' the weather though. I am taking notes for how to dress next fall.

  2. Spring time in Paris = stay warm and glad Mom has gloves to wear now!
    Neat you are able to "scout out" the area before your fall visit!
    Is it THAT DEB you were thinking about at the market?
    I am already putting pages together in my mind---you are taking great pictures-

  3. request they take some of you and some more of the 3 of you together....thanks for co-operating!

  4. Glad you are getting out and enjoying Paris inspite of the cold weather. Desserts look wonderful. I think ir would be really hasrd to pass up an espresso, especially with the chilly weather. The pictures of your mom and dad are great. I agree with Deb, would like to see some more pictures of you as well as all three of you together.
    Stay warm.

  5. Your Dad tying your Mom's shoe....priceless. And the fruit, radishes, watermelon, strawberries and flowers. What great pictures. It does look chilly though. But its not stopping this trio. Loving your blog Di.