Sunday, December 14, 2014


Today is our last day in beautiful Strasbourg--it's been a wonderful week!

Today we have "housekeeping" chores--laundry, straighten up our apartment and repack our bags.

Thankfully, this apartment has a washer--so we were able to do a big load of laundry. That is, after  we figured out how to use this European washer!  All instructions and buttons are in French--oooh la la!

But we finally got it started, and after the load was washed we packed up our wet clothes and took them to a nearby laundromat to dry.  Not an exciting way to spend our morning, but necessary.

After we finished our laundry we stopped by a bakery and picked up lunch--baguette sandwiches.

We worked on our repacking, and set out for a stroll--just to see what we could find!  We found an antique fair--my lucky day!  I enjoyed browsing and saw some beautiful things, but no room in my suitcase!  David was very patient with my poky pace, bless his heart.

Antique street fair:

After wandering through the antiques (both sides of the street!!) we found an ATM and took care of some banking, then continued on.  We found this cool mosaic on the street named Rue des Tonneliers.  I googled it, and it means a wine barrel maker!

A couple of block later we spotted this graffiti on the side of a building--Pat this is for you!

We wandered thru the main Christmas market one more time, enjoying a vin chaud and some roasted chestnuts before making our way back to our neighborhood.

Just a block from our apartment is the Childrens Christmas market, and there's an area set up with activities for kids.  This little boy was having a great time turning the crank to make this interesting tree light up and twirl.

Back in our apartment, we did a quick apartment clean and organize, made sure our bags are ready to go, then went out for one last dinner here in lovely Strasbourg.  We decided to go back to the same restaurant we'd visited our first evening, just right around the corner from our apartment.  We both had yet another plate of yummy choucroute--mmmmm good!

One last stroll down our nice little lane, and we're relaxing and enjoying our last evening here.  We even had a fun "FaceTime" chat with Matt!.

Good night from beautiful Strasbourg.  I'm going to miss this lovely view from our living room window:

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  1. Di - thanks for the street art. You know I love it. Do you think you could pull out that piece of the wall and bring it home with you? LOL Strausbourg looks like a great city to visit. Oh yea..... and that bag of pretzels too!! Have fun on the next stop of your journey. Hope your dad is doing better. Miss you here in Spudsville.