Sunday, August 22, 2010

Door of the day #2, 8/21

This is, without a doubt, the most breathtakingly beautiful door I've EVER seen. It's just about 4 blocks from our apartment, on Avenue Rapp. It's a perfect example of Art Nuveau:

(Sorry these are in reverse order!) The first pic is the plaque on the side of the building with the name of the architect and the year it was built. The second shows the detail above the door, and the last two are of the door itself.

I think I'll move to this building when we win the lottery, just so I can walk through this door every day!


  1. This is the most beautiful door I have ever seen! Thanks for posting it...did you take a picture of my door in Pa when you were here Di? on to the next comment...

  2. Lisa Allington and I did a photography class together and the subject was Talkeetna...Well YOUR PARIS door definitely beats them...keep on snapping pictures-I come back to your blog several times just to happy you are having a grand time there.