Saturday, August 21, 2010


We arrived this morning about 9 a.m. safe and sound, after a very loooooong flight from Chicago. We tried very hard to sleep on the plane, as we wanted to arrive rested and ready to go. I even resorted to drugs (oh, the horror!). After 10mg of Valium, I was still squirming in my (very small, economy class) seat. I think I manage about 2 hours of sleep, and David none. Oh, well--it's PARIS--we'll get by on the sheer joy of being here!

Our chauffeur (hah!--read:shuttle driver) was waiting for us with a sign with our name on it. He whisked us into Paris from Charles de Gaule Airport in about 45 minutes. We were at our apartment in the 7th by 10:15!

We unpacked our suitcases and got settled in our apartment. We LOVE our apartment--it's small, but just right for the two of us. It's in a very old building from the early 1900s. The floors are old wood, and they creak like crazy--we just love that! The neighborhood is wonderful, full of interesting shops and restaurants. Here's a picture of me right in front of our apartment--look what's in the background!!!

We headed out about noon to explore our neighborhood. We walked and walked...found a nice little sidewalk cafe to enjoy a lunch. We shared a great baguette sandwich (passed on the diet coke: about $6.00 yikes!) and watched the world walk by. We then walked towards the Seine and crossed the river on the most beautiful bridge, the Alexander III. Here are a couple of pics:

We were now on the "right bank", and walked around gawking at all of the beautiful architecture, looking just like the tourists we are!

By now, jet lag had started to set in, so we decided another sidewalk cafe was in order! Found a nice one with a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower, ordered a beer--and again sat and watched the world go by. Almost needed to pinch ourselves--are we REALLY in Paris?? Dave and Di from Spudville in Paris? Yes, we are!!!

After that nice cold beer we were feeling refreshed, so continued up the street to another bridge across the Seine--this one right to the Champs du Mars, the park around the Eiffel Tower. Oh, my....the people. Thousands of people in line to go up the tower (which we had decided not to do, thank goodness!). We walked around the tower, right under the tower, and viewed it from every angle. It's beautiful! Here we are, Dave and Di at the Eiffel Tower:

We strolled back through the park, towards our apartment. Along the way we stopped at a few shops--a grocery store, a bakery, a pastry shop, and best of all--the cheese shop! (thinking of my friend Pat there!) We picked up the makings for our first dinner in Paris: a baguette with butter (two kinds of butter!) cheese, thin sliced sausage and a nice tarte aux pommes for desert. Oh--don't forget the wine! A lovely bottle of Bordeaux, which we (unfortunately) finished off! What a wonderful meal.
It was the perfect ending to our first day in Paris. Needless to say, it was early to bed for these two weary travelers--we have more exploring to do tomorrow!
On the agenda for Saturday in Paris: A flea/antique street market in the morning, then off to a museum in the afternoon. Stay tuned for more pics!
Au revoir from Paris!


  1. The first of many pics I hope from your travels to Paris, Belgium, and England. You looked good after your long flight from Chicago to Paris. I loved the pic of you and DavOd under the Eiffel Tower. It just looks wonderful and exciting. Enjoy and keep us posted...we are all anxious to see everything you blog and twitter...Love, Brenda

  2. So I read your blog again and looked at the pictures...I recognize your shoes....they walked in Penna. And the first dinner you made in Paris...I would have eaten everything you bought! Are you proud of me? Enjoy...

  3. Cheese - did I read cheese? That is exactly what I would like to have for my first meal in Paris. I, too, love the picture of you and Dave under the Eiffel Tower. You look so happy and relaxed..... see, all that worrying and everything is just fine.

    Your garden is wonderful. I picked about 12 tomatoes, two cukes, and enough green beans for dinner tonight. Thank you, thank you.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your antique market adventure. Have a great, great time and enjoy Paris with all abandonment!

  4. So how many bridges and how far across each one?
    I am so glad to read that Pat E picked your tomatoes- I would hate for them to go to waste!
    I made Dan's Dilly Beans today for my winter beverages.
    Enjoy each and every minute of your "honeymoon" can't wait to see your posts.