Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today was a travel day for us.  We left Fussen this morning on the 10:05 train, bound for Salzburg, Austria.  To get to Salzburg from Fussen we had to backtrack to Munich, where we changed trains for Salzburg.

It was another nice relaxing ride through the beautiful Bavarian countryside, 2 hours from Munich to Salzburg.  We pulled in the Salzburg about 3 pm,  and easily found our hotel.

We're staying at a Ramada very near the train station--actually right across the street!  Check in was quick and easy, and the nice gentleman gave us a map and directions to some of the highlights of Salzburg.  He was very helpful, and we could tell he was very proud of his city. While we're satisfied with our room here, we certainly didn't get an upgrade to a suite like we did in Fussen.  It's a very compact room, and doesn't have a spa bathroom or a chaise lounge!  How easily we get spoiled!

After a quick unpack, we hit the streets.  We only have 2 1/2 days in Salzburg, so we want to make the most of our time here.  We walked a few blocks down a main street, and soon started to feel a few rain drops, which quickly turned into a shower.  We ducked into a church doorway to get out our umbrella, put away our cameras, etc.  A little rain isn't going to stop us!  We continued on towards the old town section, turning down a narrow pedestrian street lined with pretty old shops and restaurants.

Soon the shower turned into a downpour!  We spotted a small bistro/wine bar that looked very inviting, and decided to relax over a glass of wine and wait it out.  We ordered a small appetizer plate of olives, sundried tomatoes and capers with baguette, and enjoyed our wine while watching the downpour continue.

After about 45 minutes it was still pouring, so after a short discussion we decided we were going to call it a day.  We're both pretty stubborn--but it's not much fun to wander around in this kind of weather!  Back out into the rain we went, and out of the pretty old town area to the main avenue.  Then the wind started--I think I was in danger of pulling a Mary Poppins!  Except that the wind turned my umbrella inside out!  We laughed all the way back to our hotel--with a quick stop into a grocery store for a few supplies, including a box of beautiful local strawberries.

We're all settled in for the night now--changed out of our soggy clothes and into our warm "jammies"!  Dinner tonight?  A handful of almonds, some beef jerky and those delicious strawberries--just right!

Tomorrow in Salzburg: The forecast is for sun in the morning, turning to clouds later in the day.  Keep your fingers crossed for no more rain!!

PS:  No pictures to share today--it was too wet to get out our cameras!


  1. Sending sunny thoughts your way so that the rain will go away and you will have sunny days in Salsburg.

    The picture Dave posted on FB was spectacular view in Salzburg.

    Love you both

  2. Hallo meine Freunde

    Greetings from Spudville. Sorry I haven't touched in. It's been a busy week. Sorry you are having so much rain. Sean told me that the rain has been non-stop for days and days with only a few days of relief in Wiesbaden. After reading this post, I will go back and read your other posts. Today I went to your house for the second time since you have been gone. Your neighbor has removed all the ripe tomatoes in your front yard . . . . :( However, I went back to take care of your plants and voila!!!! Your wonderful salad tomatoes were waiting for me. I must have picked two hundred tomatoes a week ago and then, again, today. YummY! As you know, I am the tomato queen! Everything else looked great. Your lawn was freshly mowed and there were even three big tomatoes on your back yard plants waiting for me, too. I hate to say this but the weather has been beautiful! 80's and sunny with a wonderful breeze... Are you enjoying the German beers? As you know, the wine is much better. I miss you both and have a great time. Hugs