Thursday, May 1, 2014


We had another relaxing start to our day, as our bus to Ronda didn't leave until 11 am.  It was a slow wake-up, no coffee for us this morning.  Our 3 hour bus ride doesn't make any pit stops----Yikes!

We had a small bite of breakfast at the hotel, then finished packing up and caught a taxi to the bus station.  Our bus was right on time, we stowed our suitcases and climbed aboard.  The driver started the bus and------nothing happened.  He fiddled for a several minutes, and finally it started.  Not an auspicious start to our trip when the bus won't start!  Evidently our driver was a bit frustrated, because he was a little crabby.

It was actually a newer bus, and the seats were comfy enough.  We sat in the front two seats, so we had a good view as we drove along.  Our bus was definitely the "milk run", we stopped in just about every little village between Cadiz and Ronda.   The drive was nice, though.  This area of Spain is just beautiful--one of the prettiest places I've ever been,

Here are a few pictures along the way:

Olive orchards (groves?) along the way:

View from the front seat--gorgeous countryside:

One of the sleepy little towns we pulled in to:

Finally--we pulled in to Ronda!  We got our luggage and found our way out of the bus station to find a taxi stand.  No taxis--not a one.  We walked around looking up and down the streets, couldn't find one anywhere.  After asking a few people with no luck, I went into a bar and asked, in my "rusty" Spanish, if they could call a taxi for us, and they very kindly did.

WOW---what a beautiful place this is!  Even the short taxi ride to our apartment was amazing--I think we are going to love this place.

Here's our apartment--ours is on the 2nd floor--all three windows, just love our balcony:

Door of the day!  This is the door to our apartment--isn't it beautiful?  It's solid wood, very heavy!

Small kitchen area, can be closed off with folding doors:

Small living room:

Bedroom--love the headboard, and the bed is soft and comfy:

The view from our windows:

Our apartment is right next to the church-the entrance door is the one below the little balcony:

Hilde, the nice manager, was waiting for us.  She gave us a map, and showed us tour room.  I had requested a room with a balcony and view to the plaza, and that's just what we got.  We both think this is the best apartment we've ever stayed in--we LOVE it!  And it's only $100 a night--a bargain.

We didn't even unpack, we went right downstairs to the small restaurant below our apartment and had a quick lunch--we were starving! Our light breakfast was many hours ago, and we'd not had coffee or anything to drink all day.  We ordered some fried calamari and this delicious plate of shrimp on roasted peppers.   Beer for David, sangria for me----ahhhhh delicious!

After our lunch, we went back upstairs, unpacked and started a load of laundry.  I took a little siesta, trying to get rid of the nasty headache I've had all day---something about no caffeine and being dehydrated doesn't quite agree with me.

After an hour or so, even though I still had a headache, we were anxious to go out and explore this lovely place.  We walked down the main street-- there are amazing views in every direction:

My favorite guy:

Puente Nuevo Bridge, from the 1700's.  Still in use and in great shape--not a stone out of place:

View from  one of the observation pints--looking down at the old city wall:

Another pretty look out along the path:

After we wandered along the paths and enjoyed the beautiful views we went in search of a grocery store.  We finally found one, bought a few breakfast supplies, and walked the several blocks back to our apartment.  Here's the main street through town, on the way to our apartment:

We put our groceries away and decided we'd look at the couple of restaurants right here in our plaza for dinner.  We didn't find anything we liked, so we decided to eat "in"--scrambled eggs and toast for dinner!  We called it a night--early to bed for me, hoping this darn headache is gone in the morning--I WILL have a large cup of coffee for breakfast!

Goodnight from lovely, beautiful and gorgeous Ronda……..


  1. You are so right Ronda is is lovely, beautiful and gorgeous. No caffeine is not a good thing :-)

  2. Ronda is beautiful and love your apartment.