Saturday, May 3, 2014


Another beautiful sunny day in Spain--we have been so lucky with blue skies almost every day this trip.

What a fun day we had today!  We were up early, as we wanted to get an early start.  Our plan was to hike down into the gorge, and we wanted to do that before it got too hot.

The start of the trail down into the gorge is just a couple of blocks from out apartment.  We walked through the narrow streets--it was quiet, not many people up and about yet:

The first part of the trail was wide and "paved" with stones--pretty easy, although it was fairly steep and a little tough on my old knees.

There were, of course, some beautiful views on the way down.  This is looking across the gorge to the observation area we visited yesterday:

Interesting rock bridge across the gorge:

Along the trail, on our way down:

 Here we are back by the bridge:

We didn't go quite all the way down to the floor of the gorge--the trail was very steep and treacherous looking.  We hiked back up about half way and took a trail in the opposite direction.  There is still part of the old defensive wall along one section of the trail:

David hiked down to an area where there were some old arches, and some pretty views back to the bridge.  It was a little too steep and rough for me:

 Further along the trail, an even older section of wall:

One last selection of old wall and entrance.  From here the trail switch backed down and out into the valley where there were several large homes, olive orchards and fields.  We didn't walk all the way down--it was miles!

Pretty view from just past the arch:

Looking way across the valley--I like the big tall trees on top of the hill:

It was time to hike back up to the top--it was actually easier going up than coming down.  I was definitely tired by the time we got back up to the top, it's a looong ways down there!

I noticed this old sign at the top of the trail--I had missed it on the way down.  An yes--the trail was in poor condition!:

After we reached the top we decided to stop at a museum we'd noticed right around the corner from  the church.  It was built in the early 1300's as a palace for a son of the King of Morocco.   There is still some of the original tile work, ceilings and decorations remaining, but the palace has been extensively remodeled over the years.  The small palace now houses the Museum of Ronda, and it has several rooms of ancient artifacts dating to prehistoric times.  There was a large display of Roman and pre-Roman coins that was very interesting.

Entry to the palace:

A coat of arms from the time of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela, who lived here in the late 1400's.

The best part were the gardens.  While not meticulously maintained, they were very pretty and peaceful:

Of course, more gorgeous views!

 We could just make out the date on this coat of arms design in the garden patio, 1509:

After our time in the museum we stopped by our apartment to drop off our water bottles, and headed into town for some much needed lunch.  We walked back over to the Plaza de Espana, we'd decided we'd really enjoy another meal of that delicious seafood salad that we had yesterday.  But the restaurant was closed for a private party, darn it!  So instead of cool, refreshing seafood salad we had pizza and pasta!

We did a little souvenir shopping on the way back "home", then had our usual siesta time.  That's becoming a habit!

Today was our last day here in wonderful Ronda--we have really enjoyed this beautiful place.  But it's time to move on.  We're leaving tomorrow on the 8am train to Granada, where we'll have 3 days before moving on to Barcelona for 8 days.  Then, sadly it will be time to head back to Spudville, and reality!


  1. Oh my gosh! This city is just so beautiful - it's unreal. I want to move there and write poetry or some great romance novel. I wonder what it would cost to rent a flat there? I can dream, can't I? What are the people like? Maybe I could work in an olive orchard.... LOL With all this walking I hope your knees are holding up. As always, your pictures are awesome. Have fun in Granada. Hugs from Boise.

  2. Just checking in before bedtime. We fly back to Anch tomorrow- hopefully no delays! It has been a great mini- stay! Not nearly as educational and interesting as your days but very relaxing and a great way to disconnect from work. Have fun in Granafa - you aren't homesick YET?..

  3. Siesta of gorge and palace were awesome. How do your knees hold up with all that hard walking. Ronda is great....