Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Last Day on Koh Samui

Unfortunately, the sun didn't stick around for our last day on Koh Samui, it was a bit cloudy and very, very windy.  Darn!

We still relaxed by the pool for a few hours, and took one last very windy walk on the beach.  I did a little "shopping" with one of the beach vendors I've been watching.  I  bargained like a pro, and my dear friend Donna will be relieved to know that I got a good price, just slightly over half the original asking price!  Here I am, in serious negotiations for a cute bird mobile for our patio:

The ocean was way too rough for us today, so we didn't get to enjoy that warm water and gentle waves:

We had one last lunch at our favorite little restaurant across the street.  The usual curry and veggie stir fry, and I had a yummy coffee "shake".  They always end your meal with a small fruit plate, and todays plate included dragon fruit, one we've been wanting to try.  It's a very pretty fruit, with a bright pink and green skin.  The inside is a white, semi-firm fruit speckled with back seeds.  It has a very subtle flavor, not too sweet.

After we finished our fruit, I thought the inside of the "rind" was prettier than the outside.  It was an absolutely brilliant pink, almost fluorescent:

We walked back to our little bungalow, and relaxed on our porch for a couple of hours.  We read our books, and talked about our week on Koh Samui.   Even though it was windy, it's still warm and humid--and we love that!

I decided I "need" a massage; at less than $10, they're hard to resist:

Throw in a pedicure in a bright tropical polish ($3), and I'm one very happy, relaxed traveler!

What to do for our last evening?  We certainly didn't want a repeat of last nights overpriced and overcooked meal.  We took a songthaew over to Cheong Mon, one of the other small beach areas a few miles up the road.  It has a nice "old village" feel, and we strolled up the streets checking out several small restaurants for our last dinner.  We chose "The Orchid", a small very busy restaurant with an interesting menu.  We weren't too adventurous in our choices, and believe it or not, we didn't order squid!

David's Thai Beef Salad, a little too spicy, but it was delicious:

My pork/veggie stir fry with glass noodles:

We've been seeing fried morning glory on several menus, and gave it a try.  It was served in a very good sauce,  the greens didn't have a distinctive flavor, but they were good.

We had planned on stopping by the Chaweng Market on the way back,  cruise through the food carts and choose one last dessert treat.  But we'd had a long wait for our dinner, and still needed to pack up and be ready for our early departure tomorrow morning.  So we caught a taxi in Cheong Mon, and in a few short minutes were back to our bungalow on the beach.  We spent the rest of our evening trying to stuff all our souvenirs into our ever-explanding suitcases.  I think we'll be checking an extra bag on our return flight!

We've enjoyed our week here, even though the weather gods didn't exactly smile on us.   It's been a relaxing, laid back week in Koh Samui, and we are well rested and ready for our last few days in Bangkok.

I do love Koh Samui!

Tomorrow in Thailand:  Flying to Bangkok at 9 a.m.  We'll hit the streets for some more sight-seeing, it's HOT there this weekend!!


  1. Well dang---sorry the weather didnt cooperate but it sounds as though you made the best of it. great that you were able to enjoy another massage.

    Good for you on the bargaining. It wille fun to see your bird mobile on your back patio. Wonder what the othr birds will think of it.

    Safe travels back to Bangkok. We will be watching for your blogs.

    Love you both.

  2. O.K. Di and Dave. I know you are having the time of your lives and how can you forget those wonderful people, sights, massages and yummy meals....... BUT, it's time for you to be home now because I really miss you being here. That's selfish, I know. I do love reading your blog however. Stay safe and I look forward to your Bangkok stories. I'm excited to see all of your "treasures" when you return. Love the bird mobile and I'm proud of your negotiations. Too bad you couldn't have negotiated on that not-so-good dinner.

  3. The dragon fruit looks very interesting. And I had to laugh when I looked at your pose in the first picture. Your negotiating a bargain on the mobile and the way your standing and holding your head...this is serious business and you are going for just the right price! Glad to see you got another massage and your toe nails done. Your time at the beach looked wonderful even though the weather was not ideal every day. Your in Bangkok now and I wonder how that is going. I bet its hot again...drink lots of water and watch those toes...don't let them get sore again....