Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day in Bangkok, Our Last Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Bangkok!

Tuesday was our last day in big, bustling,  wonderful Bangkok.  We are winding down, we can feel that we are getting tired--4 weeks of this hot, muggy weather might be taking it's toll.  It has been a wonderful trip!

We got a very late start, sleeping in a bit and relaxing in our room.  We were even too lazy to go down to the restaurant for breakfast,  deciding instead to eat in our room.  We had a nice breakfast of a few tropical fruits that we've been wanting to try.  Here's our breakfast plate:

The green fruit is a guava, it's crisp like an apple and not terribly sweet.  We didn't especially care for it, and thought the flavor was kind of odd.

The dark purple fruit is a mangosteen.  The outer skin is thick, tough and somewhat dry. Here's what it looks like when opened up.

Here is an intact fruit after peeling:
The mangosteen was delicious!  Each section has a seed, the texture is pretty soft. It has a nice sweet/tart flavor,  and we both like them.

The other fruit is a pomelo, one of my very favorites.  I'll be looking for these back in Spudville!

After breakfast we did some preliminary packing, and then decided we'd like do a little last minute shopping.  We headed to the big MBK mall, using up the last baht on our Sky Train pass.

We stopped by our favorite coffee shop, right in the Nana Sky Train station.   Even though I don't quite "measure up" to their cute name, they still served me!  Here I am, enjoying my iced coffee:

We bought a few souvenirs and gifts, and wandered around a few back streets, just soaking in that wonderful Bangkok energy.  I'm feeling a little sad............

We ate a late lunch at a small open air restaurant that we've been looking at, and the food was great, and very inexpensive.

A basil/pork stir fry:

And a very yummy curried squid.  We're going to be in major fresh squid withdrawal when we get home!

By now it was late afternoon, and we slowly strolled back to our hotel.   We had plenty of time to finish our packing, shower and head to the airport.  Our flight leaves at 11:30, and we have  36 hours of travel  ahead of us.

Next stop:  Seoul, South Korea, and a 12 hour layover.  We've reserved a 6 hour city tour to help pass the time, and we're looking forward to a little taste of Korea, so stay tuned!

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  1. D-Cup Cafe? . . . . . Now that's funny!