Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Koh Samui !

Finally, a sunny day on Koh Samui!

We woke this morning to a beautiful sunny day, with just a very light breeze!  Look at this view from our bungalow:

We ate our breakfast,  quickly changed into our swimsuits and hit the pool area.  We found loungers in a good spot, the nice pool boy set up our umbrella,  and we settled in for a long, lovely day of relaxing.  After a couple of hours of reading, we took a walk on the beach, here we are:

Doesn't he look cute??

After our walk it was time to get wet!  We took a nice long swim, playing in the waves and enjoying the warm ocean water.  It was much calmer today, with nice gentle waves:

Back to our loungers for some more reading and relaxing, with the occasional nap thrown in:

Gee, we worked up quite an appetite with all that relaxing!  It's lunch time, and we are just too lazy to go farther than the small cafe by the pool.  Here's our lunch, believe it or not!

 We're certainly not tired of Thai food, but a change sounded good.  It was an OK hamburger, about what we expected.  Add a couple refreshing cold beverages and we're good for a few more hours of hard work holding down those beach loungers!

We spent our afternoon just like the morning, reading, relaxing and napping, with an occasional dip in the sea.  We loved every minute of it, and plan on spending our last 3 days here doing exactly the same.

David had a great idea for dinner--we went back over to Fisherman's Village in Bophut, up the island several miles.  We were there for the walking market on Saturday, and looked at several interesting restaurants, so we knew we could get a nice meal. 

We showered and changed, caught a songthaew on the street, and managed to get to Bophut with no detours or extra trips!  Maybe my Thai is improving.......

We cruised the main street, checking out some small shops and looking at menus in restaurants.  We had a pre-dinner drink at a beach side bar with a very pretty view of the pier:

Here I am with my sweetie:

After our nice pre-dinner drink, we strolled along until we found the perfect restaurant, it had a French name, but served Italian food.  We could have dined right on the sand, but we had visions of being chewed to pieces by sand fleas.  No thanks!

Instead we chose a table upstairs overlooking the beach, and it was just perfect. It was a pretty sunset, and we had a wonderful view of the bay:

As we did at lunch, we chose non-Thai food for dinner.

Squid sauteed with garlic and black pepper, it was fresh, tender and delicious:

My seafood fettuccine with shrimp and squid,  it was very light, and I really enjoyed it:

David ordered a Margarita Pizza.  He said it was good, but not the best he'd ever had.  (We are forever spoiled by Moose's Tooth Pizza in Anchorage, nothing measures up to their pizza!!)

As we were leaving the restaurant, we looked up and watched the pretty full moon and twinkling stars through the palm trees:

A lovely ending to a perfect, relaxing day, and we are sooo happy to have sunny skies at last.

Tomorrow on Koh Samui:  More of the same, of course.  We'll be chillin' in Chaweng!


  1. Last night I looked up at the full moon when I was driving home from a Super Bowl party and here is what came to mind....... I wonder if the moon looks the same where Di and Dave are...... and then I read your blog and there is your picture of the moon. Must have been esp. I'm glad the sun is shining and you are relaxing. Enjoy! Enjoy!

    1. Can't take time to read this blog...but I will after work! But its sunny and that was all that I cared about.....What great pics of you two....I can't wait to take time to read this blog.

    2. Now I took the time to read this entire post. Pictures are great and I can see the glow of sun on your faces! It looks so relaxing there...I could live like that. Those pictures were your best look....I love seeing all your interesting posts but it pleases me to see you both rest for a few days.....Hoping for sun tomorrow! Liked seeing the full moon too...I paid attention to the full moon here in central pa this morning and thought of my Lundbury friends in Thailand....