Thursday, September 2, 2010

OH! The Answer! Shoes, Shoes--Which Shoes??

Dear Bren is the winner!  She was absolutely right--I'm waaaaay to sensible to buy any of those shoes I showed you!  Besides, even if I wasn't sensible--I don't think they'd play well in Spudville!  Here are the shoes I bought at Galeries Lafayette:
Now don't these look just like "me"?


  1. Why Ms. Diana..... what do you mean that those other shoes would not play well in Spudville? I was just waitin here for you to stroll on home with those red, white and blue numbers.... Oh well, at least I got the red part right. Have fun as you take off on your new adventures.....

  2. Yes yes yes dear Di...they do look like you! I know my those shoes....

  3. ANOTHER pair of red shoes?????
    love them!