Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Market, To Market.......

To buy a fat pig cantaloupe!

Saturday morning David and I went to downtown Spudville to our local Saturday (Farmer's) Market.  It's held every Saturday from April until October, and is really quite wonderful. 

This week, my main reason for going was to buy a few bars of my favorite rosemary mint bath soap--enough to get me through the winter.  It's made by a local company, Timber Mountain Soap,  and I'm just hooked on it.   I love starting my day with a shower and this lovely soap.  It's the simple things, you know!

Saturday's market was filled with flowers! Just look at these beautiful bouquets:

We also found some great fall pumpkins, peppers and gourds.  Didn't buy any, but they sure were pretty:

We admired a gorgeous cheesecake.  Just look at this pretty thing:

(Nope, didn't buy it--still working off all that French butter!)

We did buy a great big locally grown cantaloupe that is delicious!  We've enjoyed it for breakfast each day this week.

We also admired our sidewalk cafes---NOT!!! I wanna be back in Paris RIGHT NOW!!  Somehow, the sidewalk cafes in Spudville are just not the same.......................

Ok, I'm finished whining now!  But if anyone has a spare ticket to Paris, just let me know. I can be packed and ready in 5 minutes!


  1. The flowers are so vibrant and fresh....and the peppers should be hanging in your kitchen shouldn't they? It is a good market- sorry not up to Paris standards- maybe St George will have sidewalk cafes that you can enjoy lunch one day.

  2. Wish you were going to be there too--I'm sure missing you! When are you going to Hawaii with the office??

  3. Di - you have a real eye for photography. It's a joy to read this blog.