Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tea With the Queen!

Well OK, so Her Royal Highness didn't show up, and we actually had cappuccino instead of tea....

But we really were at Buickingham palace--and this is what you get when your order a cappucino:

The paper cups had a crown on them:

Even the dessert had a gold crown on the chocolate:

I just love this royalty stuff!

We toured Buckingham Palace Tuesday morning, it was wonderful!  It is a beautiful palace with a very interesting history.  No photos allowed inside, but here is the view from the terrace where we didn't have tea with the Queen:

Before the tour, we took a couple of pictures of the front of Buckingham Palace:

It was a wonderful couple of hours, even if the Queen didn't show up!


  1. Queen Diana- a perfect ending to your vacation- touring Buckingham Palace- I love love love all three pairs of your red shoes- middle ones are my favorite since I was with you when you found them but the newest pair "so you. Have a safe flight home

  2. Wow...that sentry has big feet! LOL Pics are beautiful and I love the cappucino with the crown on cool is that. I bought a cappucino at Dunkin Doughnuts and there was no crown on it? Don't they know I am royalty? Please have a safe trip some resting please...get in your hot tub and reflect on all you saw and did...