Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Last Day in Paris, the City of Light

Our last day in Paris was Monday, and we had a relaxing, uneventful day.  We revisited some favorite neighborhoods, did a little shopping, and cleaned up our apartment a bit.  Of course a visit (or three) to some sidewalk cafes was in order, and since it was a windy, chilly day we each had a bowl of delicious French onion soup-mmmm good, and just what what we needed to warm us up;

  Dinner was low key and in our apartment, but we had two  spectacular deserts from our favorite neighborhood patisserie::

Our train trip to Bruges was great, we took a cab from our apartment to the main train station, found our platform and waited for our train.  We are beginning to feel like pros at this train travel!

I miss Paris already...especially:

Our daily fresh baguette

That wonderful French butter with nice little crunchy bits of sea salt.  (although my thighs are probably thankful I'm not eating so much butter!)

Our nightly desert--we had some wonderful treats each night.

The amazing architecture everywhere we looked.

Metro travel--what a great way to get around

Really good espresso on every corner.

The romanticism of Paris--what a perfect place to spend our anniversary--one we'll never forget.

But all good things must come to an end, and we are on to Bruges-- a new and exciting adventure.  Stay tuned!


  1. The food your eating...I think I could live like that Di and DavOd. Love your pictures...I am living for them each day....what a wonderful blog...breathtaking and thrilling...

  2. Yum, that bowl of soup looks so good---and the fries with it? Must try that one myself! I am loving your daily updates and can't wait to see and read about Brugges...have a grand time there also!