Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, Wandering Around Warowat

Although we didn't have a specific agenda for the day, we had a great day in Chiang Mai, just wandering and exploring.

We started our Monday with a visit to the flower market, which is a part of the big Warowot Market that we visited last week.  I never get tired of looking at flowers, and this market was a riot of beautiful color!

There were many vendors selling these arrangements, which are used as offerings at Buddhist shrines:

This young man is hard at work, carefully constructing one of those "towers"

We see theses hanging loops of flowers, both small and large, everywhere-used as offerings at shrines, hanging on tuk-tuks, and even on boats on the river.

These ladies were busy stringing them up, and seem to be having a great time, chatting and laughing.

There were orchids everywhere!

Beautiful tropical flowers:

Look at this flower!

After our visit to the colorful flower market, we decided we'd just spend our day wandering around this market area.  It's a bustling, busy fun place, with much to see and do.  We set off exploring down the narrow lanes and alleyways--it's a jumble and maze of shops and carts.  Not very many tourists, for sure--we love it!

 We turned down one very narrow street, and were soon greeted with a very friendly "sawadeeka".  It was a nice lady standing in front of her beauty shop.  A light bulb went off!! David's hair has been buggin' him, he swears he gets "bed head" if it gets too long.  So he asked "you cut my hair"?  She giggled and said yes.  So into her tiny shop we went, David seated like a guest of honor in her chair. 

Notice the lady next to David, she's getting the works--hair color, manicure and pedicure; all the while giggling and shyly glancing at David.

With much giggling and laughter, she very carefully shaved David's head.  Both hairdressers were quite taken with his goatee, tugging on it and laughing.  They wanted to trim it, but he politely said no thanks!

He said she was very gentle.  She asked if I wanted my hair cut also, I quickly declined,  having visions of looking just like David!

David pays her the big sum of $3.00 as she politely "wais' in thanks:

Here he is with his new girlfriend:

What an unexpected, fun moment.  We continued our walk down this narrow lane to the sounds of their giggling, tee-heeing and chattering.  I'm sure they don't get many "farangs" in their tiny shop, and I think they had as much fun as we did!

We walked and walked, really soaking up this wonderful area.  It's certainly not an area often visited by tourists, and we did get a few strange looks.  We were browsing in a particularly interesting clothing store, and the owners tells us "we have coffee upstairs, you want?"  We said sure, and she led us up the stairs to the loveliest little coffee shop!

 There was a nice view from the shuttered windows out onto the bustling street below:

 I had a delicious mango/blackberry smoothie.  The smoothies I've had in Thailand have been great; they don't add extra sugar--just yogurt and ripe fruit.  Very refreshing.

We wandered some more, just soaking it all in.  There is an endless variety tucked away in those fun alleys and lanes!

Need to buy a Buddha?  Here's a whole store of them!

 This old guy was selling quail and chicken eggs, notice how he's cooking them on the hibachi:

 Hundreds of motorcycles parked in one spot (this was only about 25% of them!)--how do they know which one is theirs?

 Look how perfect these papayas are, wish we had a kitchen, I'd be buying them for sure!

Beautiful fresh herbs and greens:

This gentleman was selling those pretty red strawberries we've been seeing all over.  He'd just pile them into these handwoven baskets already lined with newspaper, weigh them up, and there you have it! Beautiful strawberries in a pretty basket--much nicer than our plastic bag in the supermarket!

This is for my Mom and Dear Bren--if you go to Thailand and don't pack a-bra-a-day, just go to the market and pick your color!  You'll find them right next to the fresh herbs.........

By now it was time to give our feet a rest, so we tuk-tuked to an area around the old city wall, chose a nice restaurant and had a delicious lunch of the usual stir fries and green papaya salad.  Mmmmm, good!

It was a  nice short walk back to our hotel for a relaxing two hour rest before our evening trek to the night market.

Our Monday evening was spent cruising the streets of the big night market, eating some good street food and buying a couple of souvenirs.  Our dinner was another vegie/pork stir fry from this cart.  It's attached to his motorcycle on a side car--propane tank, umbrella and all!

As were standing on the street corner,  awkwardly trying to eat our food standing up, a nice vendor lady pulled out two stools and said "you sit"!  What a kind, gracious gesture.  We are sure enjoying the warm friendly Thai people.

 Here's David buying a cool t-shirt for his brother Dan:

Not to worry, Dan,  we didn't get you either of these!

By now we were tired, our feet hurt and it was time to call it a day.  Another of those fun and crazy tuk-tuk rides back to our hotel, and we were both out like a light!

It was a great, fun-filled day, with lovely surprises down every little lane and alleyway.  Who would have thought getting a haircut could be so much fun?

Tomorrow in Chiang Mai:  We have a FUN day planned,  starting with another trip up into the jungle!  Stay tuned!


  1. What a fun blog/post that was today. The flowers are gorgeous...I have never seen such beautiful flowers before, they were awesome. Oh and I loved the post on the bras. I tried to pick out my favorite one...but I think I like them all especially since they are all new and clean! What can I say about the pics of David getting his hair cut. Those ladies were truly giggling...you could see it in the pictures. What an experience for David and the girls as well. Your smoothie looked delicious Di and the food in the night market inviting. But the picture of David sitting with his arm out the window drinking coffee...the shadows are just right over his face and head...that truly is ONE OF YOUR BEST LOOKS DAVID...LOL

  2. I continue to soak up your wonderful pictures. What beautiful flowers; one of the pictures literally took my breath away. And David, you are a true sport. It looks like you and the woman who shaved your head were having a really great time. And then to top it off with coffee and a smoothie. How special is that? I can see nothing but joy in both of your eyes and every picture that you post continues to change my perceptions of Thailand. What a lovely place and such beautiful people. Hugs from Spudsville!

  3. p.s. ..... Di, I think you should have that red bra to match your shoes..... ;)

  4. What a great day. All of the flowers were beautiful and what a fun unexpected event for Dave to get a hair cut, I sm sure he made their day fun as well. Love all of the colorful bras.

    I can hardly wait to see the t-shirt that Dave picked for Dan. I got a laugh out of the two that you did not pick.

    Really enjoy hearing about your meals and seeing the pictures. Everything looks and sounds so good, almost makes me hungry.

    Looking forward to what tomorrows blog will bring.