Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Last Day in Bangkok. Tuesday, January 24

After our big night last night celebrating Chinese New Years in Chinatown, we were just a bit lazy today.  

We left our apartment about 10 am and took the Sky Train down to the Central Pier then caught a Ferry up the river to the Grand Palace area.  Our plan was to explore the Amulet Market, then walk over to the Khao San Road area to see what that area was like.  

Our timing must have been lucky this morning, because we didn't have a long wait for a ferry.  Our ride up the river was nice and relaxing, the ferry was not crowded at all.

We got off the ferry at #9 Pier, and again walked through the market.  We poked around just a bit looking for a hat for me--I'm thinking I need a hat as well as sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes.  Didn't find a hat, but as usual, we had fun looking.

We checked our map and found the amulet market quite easily.  It starts out on the sidewalk, with vendors lining both sides of the street for a blocks.  It continues on into several narrow lanes filled with tiny shops selling amulets, Buddhas large and small, and even several fortune tellers! 

Birds for sale, complete with pretty cages:

Here's a view into the market alley:

 Some of the big Buddhas:

Look a-likes??

 We spent an hour or so checking our the market, it was interesting to see all the different kinds of amulets.  I was looking for a certain kind, but it's just a bit difficult to ask questions when I don't speak Thai!  We did find a vendor who could answer a few questions,  she was very kind and helpful in finding us just the right amulet.  

Right next to the amulet market there's a small square with a clothing market.  There were some pretty cute clothes, but all in those tiny Thai sizes!  David did buy a funny T-shirt:

A vendor selling some delicious looking watermelon.  I was tempted!

 We're pretty hungry for lunch by now, so after consulting our map we start walking towards Khao San Road.  It's not too far from the market--maybe 3/4 mile or so.  

Khao San Road is in the "old city" area of Bangkok, and used to be called back-packers alley, as mostly young backpacker type travelers stayed there.  Lately it's been featured in the movie "The Hangover II" (not exactly our kind of movie, but there were a couple of funny spots)  It's supposed to be a bustling, hoppin' fun, charming place to be, with some great people-watching--or so I'd heard.

Hmmmmm--we thought it was tacky and gross, and didn't see much charming about it.   Khao San Road was so NOT charming that I forgot to take pictures.  We did find a decent place for lunch, and had a plate of so-so pad Thai, with big Sing Ha for David and TWO iced teas for me.  It's HOT out there!

We just cruised down one street, looked down a couple of others, but decided it looked like more of the same. Or "Same Same", as they say here in Thailand. We agree--"we're outta here"!

We flagged down a taxi--my feet have major blisters, and I'm just NOT walking all the way back to the ferry, Sky Train, etc.  So taxi it is--for the big sum of $100 baht--a little more than $3.00!  Worth every penny for door to door delivery!

Back at our hotel, I'm thinking that TWO refreshing cocktails at the terrace bar would really improve my disposition, and probably heal my blisters.  And I'm sure it did!  Well--the disposition part--maybe not the blisters!

At the moment I have exactly 9 (NINE!!!) pieces of moleskin blister adhesive on my feet and toes.  A fashion statement for sure!  I may be reduced to wearing socks with my sandals--I'm that desperate.  Please don't call the fashion police!

We had dinner at our hotel, we reserved a table on the terrace, right by the street and under the twinkling lights.  It's a lovely setting, and fun to watch the street scene as we dine. 

We had a green papaya salad, chicken satay and a Massaman curry with duck and pineapple.  The food was presented nicely, but we were a little disappointed in the flavor.  Or more accurately, the lack of flavor.

It was still a lovely evening, and we enjoyed the balmy warm night air and watching the nice fun atmosphere on our street.
Another great day with my sweetie, with more to come!

Tomorrow in Thailand:

We are leaving Bangkok and flying to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  We'll be there for 8 days.  We have lots of fun adventures planned--stay tuned!


  1. I love the Star Wars Coffee t-shirt!

    It looks/sounds like you guys are having a good time so far. The market sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I just wrote a book here and it didn't save my comments, so this is a practice run!

  3. The market was wonderful, so many things to see. I was hoping that you found a hat look great in hats so keep trying to find one. Your poor feet...socks are in order. No one knows you over there anyway! The watermelon looked tempting. And, this is the best part. LOL LOL on the look a like buddha with David. What a resemblence. I can't quit giggling about it. Even the second time of looking at the picture...I am still smiling from ear to ear. Even David is smiling and laughing...Great t-shirt pick for David. Not sure what I would have eaten at dinner...where's the bread? LOL But I'd surely like to sit on the terrace bar with you at night for a couple of cool ones. Tomorrow the adventure continue to Northern Thailand. I wonder if the temperatures there are the same as Bangkok. By now I am sure Di is fluent in Thai. Don't forget that picture on the couch looking like the Queen of the Rockefellers with sore feet! Loved the travels to Chiang Mai..Love to you both---Brenda

  4. Once again some wonderful, great pictures. I agree with Brenda - the third large Budda looks just like Dave. It made me laugh outloud, too! Was this intentional? For some reason my computer allowed me to post to your blog today so I actually commented to each of your blogs. Hopefully, you'll be able to read them. Sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. Watch out for those blisters! They can really make you miserable untreated. I bet the heat isn't helping the situation any. Speaking of "treatments" - I had my stitches out today and everything is healing. I'm looking forward to more of your posts. Be safe! Those military guys didn't look particularly friendly. But then, again, the Queen was visiting. Star Wars Coffee T-Shirt? THE PEACE BE WITH YOU!!

  5. I was searching for hat on the cruise too, finally found one but it was in our last port of call. Lol, love the look alike budda and it really does. keep usingthe mole skin and go ahead and wear socks with your sandals---so much better not to get more blisters or further irritate those you have. Who cares about the fashion police when you are traveling --- I promise not to tell them where you are if questioned.

    Safe travels tomorrow. We will be watching your blog.