Sunday, January 22, 2012

One More Time....Just for Matt!

YES....There's a gift shop at The Temple of the Reclining Buddha!  Kind of a one-stop shopping experience:

I'll admit, that fortune teller was very tempting,  but I was really shopping for a special something for our favorite son!

Here's another for your ever growing shot glass collection.  It's a beauty, with nice picture of Wat Po!

And  here's the lovely lady behind the counter (NOT Sister Mary Catherine, but still cute!)  There was a bit of a language barrier, and my Thai might be a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure she is telling us this particular glass been blessed by a monk!

There ya go, sweetie,  we love you!


  1. Your Thai is a little rusty...LOL...And one more thing---I love your hair like kept the blond highlights and its very becoming!

  2. That's great... I have shot glasses with all the other Wats, but not Wat Po!


  3. Love the masks in the background, too! Hum . . . . I wonder if they have a shot glass with Wat Pat......? Just kidding!