Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Quick Tour of Our Apartment/Hotel in Bangkok

Our dear friend Brenda asked about our hotel in Bangkok, so I thought I'd share a few pictures.  We really lucked out with our accommodations in Bangkok!

For me, one of the most challenging aspects of trip-planning is choosing an apartment or hotel for each of our destinations.  There are so many things to consider;  location, amenities (free internet is a must--gotta blog and stay in touch!) and of course the price.  As David is fond of reminding me "We're not the Rockefellers, you know!"

Since our style of travel is "slow travel", we prefer a short term vacation rental rather than a hotel.  We like to settle into a place and explore, instead of just rushing through and "ticking off the boxes" of important places to see.  Most rentals have a 3 or 5 day limit, and that works well for us.  The daily rate for an apartment is much less than a hotel.

Having a small kitchen is a real money saver,  we can cook several meals at "home" instead of eating every meal in a restaurant.   We really enjoy exploring the local markets and grocery stores in each city, trying local foods and delicacies.  Leaves us more money for another trip!  Let those Rockefellers spend their money on fine dining--we'll take a fun market experience and a home cooked meal anytime!

We have the best of both worlds here in Bangkok, as The Adelphi Suites is a hotel that also has several suites, from small studio type to the big "executive" suites.  We chose the 1 bedroom suite, which has a separate bedroom, a small kitchen with a little table, and a nice comfy sofa to relax on.  The bathroom is small but very nice, it has both a shower and a nice deep tub to soak away those tired feet after a long day of sight-seeing.  Free wi-fi, daily maid service and a delicious breakfast buffet is included--all for the huge sum of $70 a night,  what a bargain!  

We haven't cooked any meals here like we usually do, but eating out is very inexpensive in Thailand.  We could eat for even less, but haven't been brave enough to try food from a street vendor or food cart.  Something about that meat sitting out all day in this hot weather is a little worrisome to me.  And I can't quite get past the flies!

So here are some pictures of our nice place in Bangkok:

The living area:

Our nice little kitchen, this one even has a washer/dryer combo:

A roomy bedroom with a very comfortable king size bed. (I have a few new bruises from those "killer" sharp bed frame corners, ouch!)

Here's the view from the big bedroom window--looking out over Bangkok:
This is the small but very nice bathroom.  Notice the ceiling mounted "rain shower"--I want one of those at home--it's wonderful:

So there you have it, a quick tour of our temporary home in Bangkok.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. When I saw there was a post on your apartment...I thought (Di is doing that for me)! And I was right and I feel so happy. I wanted to see your accomodations so bad. I am so impressed with the apartment. It's so clean and shiny! The floors and kitchen, bathroom and bedroom spotless. I approve. LOL I hang my kitchen towel on a drawer too AND love the rain shower head in the bathroom and how about that bathroom bowl in the bathroom! Those corners are quite sharp on the bed wonder you have bruises. I can just imagine you laying on that couch like the Queen of Sheeba..pls take a picture of you laying on that couch for me in your BEST pose! Thanks Di for doing this post for me. It helps me connect to your adventures and relieves my mind on where you are staying. Staying away from the street vendor food is a wise decision. I loved this post...Thanks Di and David.

  2. Apt looks great. I am going to have to get websites from you and tips on finding apts when travelling. So is that a washer/ dryer combo in the kitchen. Interesting to have as a combo appliance. Love the bathroom, Dan noticed the great sink right away. I bet the rain shower head is quite nice. What a nice place to relax after long day of walking. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Me.....? No doubt about it! I have to find one of those over-head shower fixtures. How cool is that? Looks like a very comfortable place to stay.

    I've now read all of your posts but one. I wonder why I can post a comment, as well as read the other comments, today when I wasn't able to earlier? I guess my computer ghost isn't hanging out here today.